Climate Change

Climate change hysteria is the big three-ring circus in town, and as can be expected, children are clamoring to not just watch the circus but to join it as well, as children with over-active imagination are wont to do.

It’s fair to say that those running the circus are in it for the money, and are not motivated by altruism and universal benevolence. They want to grab your attention so that they can grab your wallet. There’s a sucker born every minute.[1]

The predicted doom and gloom of the climate alarmists is certainly imaginary but the overblown anxiety that the world is about to end is frighteningly real. Sadly, those who are pushing the climate-change agenda are now using cute children as their spokespersons.

“Won’t someone please think of the children!” — an Americanism, with its over-the-top exaggerated concern for children is sometimes used to ridicule an idea that supposedly would make the world better but is being resisted by people with evil intent. By employing actual children as mascots instead of empirical evidence, logic and argumentation, they are shouting, “think of the children, you selfish morons.”

Anyway, climate change is real. And it is ancient. The climate has always been changing, for as long as the earth has existed — which is billions of years. Humans have been using fossil fuels for a few hundred years, and their SUVs for a few decades. The point is that humans can and do cause climate to change but that is nothing compared to non-human factors which are significantly more important in the matter. Climate change is real but there is still no evidence that it is anthropogenic.

Even if all humans go extinct tomorrow, the climate will do what the climate has been doing all along — change.

Why I don’t like the climate change hysteria? Because the cost of mistaken policy is continued misery for billions of people stuck in poverty around the world, with no compensating benefits. Banning or restricting the use of fossil fuels will make it hard, if not impossible, for the billions to climb out of poverty. There is no reason to believe that increasing atmospheric carbon will adversely affect future generations.

Anyhow, it is fun to watch the shenanigans of the climatistas. Here’s some antidote to the poison they spread.

Short and very informative.

The next features Lord Christopher Monckton. I am a big fan.

And finally one from Freeman Dyson. He’s a living legend. I listen to his talks over and over again — there are tons on YouTube. I love the man. He’s fantastic. He is sharp as a tack even at 95 years old.

Now, I know that you are all busy. But the hour you spend listening to Dyson is an hour well spent. You will be entertained and informed, and you’d learn how to think more clearly. So, dear reader, take the time to listen to this vide0.

The lecture is from 2005. (Free clue: copy Youtube link and extract the mp3 audio here so you can listen to it while commuting or doing the dishes.)

The video description says: “Freeman Dyson with dry wit and self-effacing good humor explains that by heretical he means ideas that go against prevailing dogmas, and that in his self-appointed role as heretic, he is unimpressed by conventional wisdom.”

{Cartoon at the top of the post credit: The Bull Elephant.}


[1] P.T.Barnum probably did not say that there’s a sucker born every minute.



Author: Atanu Dey


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  1. Yes absolutely no real evidence here:

    As for not affecting any one:
    “For example, by 2050, as a result of possible climate shifts in the Indo-Gangetic Plains (IGPs) – currently part of the favorable, high potential, irrigated, low rainfall mega-environment, which accounts for 15% of global wheat production – as much as 51% of its area might be reclassified as a heat-stressed, irrigated, short-season production mega-environment. ”


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