Bibek Debroy on the Mahabharata

I believe YouTube is an inexhaustible treasure house of audio and video content guaranteed to delight and instruct every conceivable taste. I spend altogether too much time on the web, and quite a bit of it on YouTube. I am sure that I would have been much smarter and wiser had I had the benefit of the web when I was growing up. Better late than never, though.

Bibek Debroy’s talk on the Mahabharata is a shining example of the gems you find on the web.

It’s as delightful as it is edifying. Bibek-da, as I like to call him, is a scholar of unparalleled distinction of the Indian classics. Not  just that, he’s a distinguished member of my tribe, an economist. What’s not to like about him! Continue reading “Bibek Debroy on the Mahabharata”

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