What’s Wrong with the Climate

What’s wrong with the climate? Nothing that has not been wrong before — and will not be wrong in the future. What’s wrong is that the climate changes, with or without human help.

At the current state of the art of human technology, humans cannot at a reasonable cost affect climate to any significant degree. There are far greater forces — geologic and solar — at play than just what humans do, and can do, to the earth.

The earth doesn’t need saving. It’s been around for around 4.5 billion years and is likely to be around for another 5 billion. Compared to that deep time, humans with their technology have been around for 200,000 years (give or take a bit.) As a fraction of life-time of the earth (~10 billion years), humans have been around so far for only 0.002%. That’s a vanishingly small number.

The present hysteria about climate change is understandable. There are powerful interests that would like to scare the public in the rich world and the politicians of the poor world into doing things that would be immensely costly for billions of people — especially the poor who can least afford it — but would enrich the vested interests. Not just enrich them but grant them power  over the lives of others.

It’s understandable and it’s immoral. Most of all, it’s hubris. It’s the attitude that “we know what’s good for you, and you better to do as we say or else you will suffer hell-fire.” It’s the old story of sin and redemption through suffering. It’s an old trick. First persuade people that they are morally flawed and their actions are sinful. Then you can sell them the solution.

Here are a few pictures that reveal previous rounds of scare-mongering. They show that false claims don’t become true regardless of how furiously the media tom-toms them.

Source: Some of the images are from Real Climate Science blog.

Just remember: not a single one of the dire predictions of the last 50 years has come true. It’s not bad luck; it’s just rotten scare-mongering and nowadays assisted with virtue-signalling. Makes a body sick of the sh*t-show.

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Author: Atanu Dey


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