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  1. Baransam,

    I have met Negroponte a few times before but this time I did not get a chance. Following the presentations, the crowd moved to the wine reception and I got talking to lots of people. I ended up meeting new people and some old acquaintances such as Vickram Crishna, Satish Jha (who leads OLPC India), Sameer Somaiya, etc. I spoke to some reporters too. I considered going over and saying hello to Negroponte but in the end passed on it.


  2. Hi Atanu
    What you are writing is great and What i perceive from here is you are basically writing about “what indian government should do or can do to improve our facets of life” but what i feel is our politicians are not going to do anything regarding big issues of the country. So if possible why don’t we as an individuals start to do something as little as we can or as much as we can to improve governance and our economy and overall quality of our country. So if possible write about what an individuals like me and you can do to save our country.


  3. Erodejimmy,

    As individuals what we have to do is to look out for our interests. That is, do what we are interested in and capable of. Nothing more.

    The government’s job is to do what the government is supposed to do. If it is not doing it, then it is our job to point it out and hold it responsible for its failures.


  4. Atanu,

    What do you think about Rainbaxy promoters’ sale to Daichi. I don’t know about synergy between the two. But do you think that India and other third world countries will get adversely affeced in the long run? Indian generics companies had capabilities of reverse engineering and lower manufacturing base. If big pharma companies buy these Indian companies, why would they be interested in keeping prices lower? I fear that their main purpose is to remove the future competition.


  5. tarang_72:

    Sorry but I have not been following the sale of Ranbaxy. It is certainly possible that moves like these are aimed at consolidation and thus lowered competition leading to higher prices.


  6. Finally GOLD at the Olympics!!!
    Maybe now we should ask for medals of “higher value”..platinum, diamond??
    Congratulations to Abinav Bhindra!


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