Paging Dr “BT” Singh

“Paging Dr Singh, paging Dr Singh. Dr Singh, please pick up the house telephone. Mr M J Akbar has an urgent message to deliver regarding the health of the Mango Man.”

Sorry, Dr Singh is busy driving a taxi.

What the hell is that supposed to mean, “driving a taxi”?

You know, busy doing other things. And besides he is not that type of doctor, the type you call in hospitals.

So what exactly is he doing. I demand to know. I don’t know why he should be driving a taxi.

Perhaps I should use a Hindi expression. “Sir-ji roti bel rahen hai

This is bloody ridiculous. Why is Dr “BT” Singh roti-bailing? Is he in the kitchen?

No. He’s in the kitchen cabinet. It’s an Eye-tay-leean kitchen. He is the “commie” chef. The chef is Eye-tay-leean. So now you know that paging Dr “BT” Singh is pointless. Mango Man should go fug himself. After all, it was Mango Man who ordered the Eye-tay-leean dish. Now he has to eat it.
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