The Fabulous $10 Indian Government Laptop

"Everything reminds Milton of the money supply. Well, everything reminds me of sex, but I keep it out of the paper," wrote Nobel prize-winning economist Robert Solow in 1966 about Milton Friedman, another Nobel laureate economist, the father of monetarism. 🙂 Everything reminds me of India's failed education system -- and by extension -- the … Continue reading The Fabulous $10 Indian Government Laptop

Penn and Teller on Climate Change and Global Warming

I admire Penn and Teller. They are sensible, forthright, articulate, and most of all very entertaining. So here's an episode of their "Bullshit" series from 2003. It is about the hysterical reactions of some to the matter of global warming and climate change.,t=1,mt=video Penn and Teller - Bullshit! - Environmental Hysteria

Urbanization and Development of India

The following is an article by me that appeared in ISB's in-house magazine insight June 2008 issue. There is a definite positive relationship between the size of the habitation and the productivity of the population." The full article is below. Urbanization and Development of India Atanu Dey Economic growth and development is intimately connected with … Continue reading Urbanization and Development of India

Blaming the victims

The news of death and destruction from terrorism has become somewhat of a routine. The politicians make inane statements about how all this is most lamentable and aside from telling people to "maintain peace and quiet" they appear to go about their business as usual. The reactions from various quarters are predictable from past experience. … Continue reading Blaming the victims