Why Pakistan is Useful Just the Way it is

The Acorn says that now is the time to drop trade barriers with Pakistan. Pakistan’s economy is in a tailspin. Since the second last thing that the international community wants in Pakistan is an economic meltdown, Friends of Pakistan are coming together to provide emergency foreign aid. The "Friends of Pakistan are "Britain, France, Germany, … Continue reading Why Pakistan is Useful Just the Way it is

On the US Financial Crisis

Richard Feynman has claimed that "it is safe to say that nobody really understands quantum mechanics." He was serious about it because of the complexity of the subject and the counter-intuitive consequences of the theory. Sometime I think that the global financial system is also beyond comprehension. But that is not quite true. Unlike quantum … Continue reading On the US Financial Crisis

We must free the Kashmiris

The op-ed "India can’t afford to fall victim to psywar" in the New Indian Express of Sept 19th did not make much sense to me. I find the entire piece confusing. Perhaps I am simple-minded and cannot navigate through contradictions, or perhaps because it is an "op-ed by committee," signed by 20 prominent people. It … Continue reading We must free the Kashmiris

On Competition and Ideas

The Dance of Creative Destruction At the shining bright core of our galaxy of ideas lie a bunch of super-massive ideas that are tightly bound to each other. The core's gravitational attraction holds the galaxy together, draws in stuff and transmutes them into higher elements. Exploring the metaphor a bit further is interesting. At the … Continue reading On Competition and Ideas