Hi from ISB Hyderabad

Sunday was a day of travel for me. It took me 14 hours to get from Pune to Hyderabad, door to door. I had a 3 PM flight to Hyderabad out of Mumbai. Even though I left home at 8 AM, I could not reach Mumbai airport in time. The Lonvala hills had received a lot of rain with the result that there was a landslide which disabled a portion of the Pune-Mumbai expressway. I had to buy another ticket for a 7 PM flight on the airlines formerly known as Indian Airlines and later renamed “Indian” and now known as Air India.

I landed at 9 PM and took a cab to Gachibowli — about 40 kms from the new Hyderabad airport — where ISB is located. The cab ride came to Rs 620. Wow!

Anyway, today was a busy day. I sat in on two classes at ISB. I wanted to get a feel for how they teach around here. I had a couple of long sessions discussing a proposed “Institute for Urbanization” with my host Dhaval. Later in the evening, a group of students wanted to have an informal chat with me. I had a great time discussing India with a bunch of seriously motivated business school types.

Tomorrow more meetings are lined up. So until we meet again and the case is sol-ved, take care.

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