Niall Ferguson: The 6 Killer Apps of Prosperity

Loknath Rao, a regular friend of this blog, sent me the following TED video with the comment, “Precisely your views. Thought you would like it.” Here it is for your delight.
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Off to LA to attend the Uberoi Foundation’s 2011 Experts Meeting

I am attending the “2011 Experts Meeting” of the Uberoi Foundation for Religious Studies is being held at Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles, CA (September 30th to October 2nd, 2011.) The theme is In Our Own Voices – Dharma Education in North America: “to facilitate the emergence of innovative / creative theories, approaches, methods to education / scholarship in Hindu, Jain, Buddhist and Sikh Dharma traditions.” You didn’t know that I was an expert, did you? Just kidding. I have been invited only as an observer. So off to LA I go. I am driving down. Back to the SF Bay area on Oct 4th. And then off to India on Oct 11th.

Is P.Chidambaram a Traitor?

The answer to that question is very clear to our dear Dr Subramanian Swamy, president of the Janata Party. For those of us who have had a keen interest in the appointed prime minister Dr Manmohan Singh’s cabinet, it seems almost natural that under the slightest scrutiny skeletons come tumbling out of it. A veritable rogues’ gallery. But the charge Dr Swamy levels against the Home Minister P Chidambaram goes beyond mere roguery and lands in traitor territory. If what Dr Swamy alleges is indeed true, then you may say that Dr Singh has plumbed new depth — just when you thought that he must have hit rock bottom.
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Two Reviews of “Transforming India”

Now I can say for sure that my book, “Transforming India”, has been read by at least two people. How do I know that? Because two people have recently written about it. My sincere appreciation for the reviews. Selected bits from them, below the fold.
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The Demented Demagogue Digvijay Singh

Digvijay Singh is the kind of low-life that makes pond scum seem an advanced civilized life-form. When I wrote my last post, “Diggy Singh is an RSS Mole“, I had not read this bit from DNA. Here goes:
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Diggy Singh is an RSS Mole

I am certain that Monty Python, the guys who can parody anything under the sun, would be totally incapable of parodying the recent ad by the Pakistani government. Onion News Network will find it impossible to ridicule the attempt at fixing Pakistan’s image. You cannot ridicule the ridiculous, parody a parody. Pakistan’s ad in the Wall Street Journal is a self-parody. One marvels at the people who came up with the idea. They must be the most humorless bunch of retards in the world. But first, here is the ad in question, for the record.
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Sept 11, 2001: Islam’s Wake Up Call to America

I was pretty upset at my housemate. I looked at the bedside clock — it was barely 6 AM — and he was talking loudly to someone on the phone in the next room. Then he knocked on my bedroom door. “Wayne, what the hell’s the matter with you?” “Atanu, my mom called from the East coast. Come out and take a look at this,” he said. The TV was on in the living room. Evidently, one of the towers of the World Trade Center in NYC was on fire. It didn’t take long for the realization that it wasn’t just a fire. I stood there in my pajamas watching the drama unfold until I had to go to teach class at noon. I told the class that we will talk about something more important than indifference curves and utility maximization. I knew it in my bones that things had changed.
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Sept 11, 1893: Swami Vivekananda in Chicago

On this day, Swami Vivekananda (1863-1902) spoke at the Parliament of the World’s Religions at Chicago in 1893. He addressed his audience as “Sisters and Brothers of America” and proceeded to introduce them to the dharma — the Sanatana Dharma which is also known as Hinduism. Here’s bit from that speech:
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What Would Gandhi Do?

That’s the question that my friend CJ asked me. I don’t know, I replied. I am not a Gandhian. We were discussing yesterday’s bomb blast in the reception area of the Delhi High Court which left as of last count 11 dead and scores injured.
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