Is P.Chidambaram a Traitor?

The answer to that question is very clear to our dear Dr Subramanian Swamy, president of the Janata Party. For those of us who have had a keen interest in the appointed prime minister Dr Manmohan Singh’s cabinet, it seems almost natural that under the slightest scrutiny skeletons come tumbling out of it. A veritable rogues’ gallery. But the charge Dr Swamy levels against the Home Minister P Chidambaram goes beyond mere roguery and lands in traitor territory. If what Dr Swamy alleges is indeed true, then you may say that Dr Singh has plumbed new depth — just when you thought that he must have hit rock bottom.

Here’s a bit from the Hindustan Times article, “Chidambaram is a Traitor: Swamy“:

Janata Party president Subramanian Swamy has said that it would not be possible to stop terrorism till P Chidambaram is home minister.

“He is a traitor and the most corrupt minister in the UPA government. There are proofs of his anti-national activities, which I have placed before court. He has Rs 50,000 crore in foreign banks,” Swamy said in response to a query at a ‘Meet the press’ programme held at Indore Press Club on Sunday.

Elaborating, Swamy said Chidambaram as finance minister manipulated the stock market, doctored its rise and fall for vested interest. As finance minister, he insisted on buying paper used for printing Indian currency notes from a London (UK) firm, which also supplied it to Pakistan.

This posed the risk of Pakistan intelligence agency ISI circulating fake currency notes in India. “Similarly, he introduced participatory note cash that was another threat to Indian economy. There are seven to eight large scams, if unearthed, would confine him to jail for rest of life,” he said.

The article concludes with the Dr Swamy’s insinuation that Dr Singh’s boss is next on the list of people who will be hosted in the Tihar jail. “Cooks at Tihar jail are learning to make idli-sambar for south Indians A Raja and others. I told them they would [sic] soon have to make pizza and spaghetti,” says Swamy.

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Author: Atanu Dey


10 thoughts on “Is P.Chidambaram a Traitor?”

  1. Atanu

    I tweeted this article and got two comments, the first on FB and the other on Linkedin. I’m posting these here since they offer counterpoints:

    Sharad Bailur: Subraniam Swamy has spewed so much venom on so many people for so long that few really believe what he says. He should stick to his specialisation and teach at Harvard.
    about an hour ago · Like

    A Sathyanarayanan: “Subramaniam Swamy usually gets it right before shooting his mouth. PC is not above suspicion considering how he forged a win in the election. His son Karthi, another Ivy League collegiate, is a local thug in Chennai!!!! PC is corrupt to the neck but traitor, that is new to me considering I hail from the same city.”


  2. Here are some of the stories I heard. Not sure how for all of them are true:
    He advised Canara Bank to change it to new logo and his son’s company got the order for a couple of hundred crores, probably with 75% margin.
    He advises Chairmans of PSU Banks to lend loans to corporates and and such loans are either at low interest or not-performing well.

    His Son Karthi Chidambaram is a mediator (khap panchayat leader) and settles high profile financial disputes for a big cut. He is also involved in large land deals/scams in Chennai.

    He has a strong link with Karunanidhi and he is a partner in many of the mis-deeds of Karunanidhi.

    I believe he used his financial brilliance to amass money, make rich, richer and got indirect cuts in the process. Some of his actions were as follows:
    He killed small savings schems of government, to reduce interest rate and help business and helped building bubbles in real estate.
    He made long term return (more than one year) from stock market tax free. Participatory Note (mentioned above) is another steroid with several bad consequencies and I guess the biggest beneficiary of PNs were Indian politicians and Blackmoney holders.
    He gave concessions and exemptions worth lakhs of crores to Business and helped stock market to rally and that helped PN holders of very high returns.

    I am surprised and worried by Dr. Swamy’s number. If true, it would be bigger than 2G scam (done by one individual).


  3. How different is this bastard from any other bastard that rules or has ruled India – be it a bureaucrat or be it a politician – Everyone in Indian politics (excluding AB Vajpayee and a few other half decent BJP politicians) are crooks, anti-nationals, traitors etc (pick your adjective).
    I personally know a very powerful shitty, shabby Minister in the Mah. Govt who is crooked beyond belief – crime, murder, mafia territory – you name it and he has it – I have seen Pakistanis come and go in his house and yes he is still a Minister…so this Home Minister being a crook is no great shakes – EVERYONE in India in power is crooked – the Congress party is the worst of the lot followed by Mafia parties such as Shiv Sena, JD, Shady or whatever else abbreviations they choose – they are corrupt, anti-national to the core.
    And guess what – you can rant all you want but NOTHING is going to change this – India is a lost cause…simple. And it was never shining to begin with-so all other BS about India being a ‘mooh tod’ jawab for China is hog-wash. China is wayyyy ahead and when the Chinese look back in their rear-view, they see perhaps South Africa which does not even see India in their own rear-view. India is a goner.


  4. Dear SR, the post above me, Vajpayee was/is a traitor. Vajpayee was the person responsible for protecting Sonia Maino in Bofors case when NDA was in power. Had the TRAITOR VAJPAYEE acted against Sonia Maino in Bofors scam Sonia would have been either in TIHAR or would have fled India.

    Cong I and BJP are both of the same type except that Cong I is in power right now. Cong I, we know that is bunch of criminals, corrupts and thieves.
    As for as some BJP leaders are concerned

    1. Arun Jaitley is an agent of P Chiddu (AJ had taken up P Chiddu cases in the past).
    2. Sushma Swaraj has links with Romesh Sharma(Romesh Sharma was the Dawood Ibrahim man in New Delhi)
    3. LK Advani has all kinds of dubious credentials.
    4. Anant Kumar MP from Bangalore is one of the most corrupt person and close friend of Nira Radia.
    …..BJP also has a big list.

    In BJP there are few patriotic people and by the end of this year I expect them to merge with Dr Subramanian Swamy’s party in India’s national interest.

    VAJPAYEE and CHIDDU need to be hanged at India Gate in public view for back stabbing MOTHER INDIA.


  5. Did you know that your “dear subramaniam swamy” is a racist.
    I think he does make a lot of good arguments in various areas and that’s good to have. but do check this out too. Since you were educated in Berkeley, i thought you might give it a thought. cheers!.

    Also, this is something interesting from history.


    1. So some one from Harvard called him names and he is a ‘racist’. Will you teach yourself some self esteem and logical thinking. Harvard should have asked for his explanation. Harvard acted more like a kangaroo court than a reputed university. Many of the universities have been hijacked by the left leaning hypocrites.


  6. Arun,

    You don’t have to cite these links. The media is a paid servant of the state. So it highlights stories that get either more eye balls or keep the sponsors happy or both. When stuff comes from the likes of BBC, NDTV and CNN-IBN, I assume it is 100% paid for by the malefic elements who gain by such news directly or indirectly.

    Basic professional courtesy and ethics (that Harvard preaches and writes tons about) would say that Harvard should have expressed its displeasure on the face of Dr.Swamy allowing him to make his point. It’s called a man-to-man talk seeing eye-to-eye. But the pseudo liberals at Harvard made their decision public just when Dr. Swami was away in India. This is absolutely unbecoming and unprofessional of Harvard to have acted such, esp. to someone who had a 50+ years association with the institution. Shame on Harvard.

    Being an American citizen, Dr. Swami had every right to speak his mind out to American press but he did not go about Harvard bashing. One should thank him for that.

    By taking this decision to “drop” Dr. Swami, Harvard has revealed its bigotry and empty virtues that it stands for. It has in fact maligned not just its own reputation but the reputation of the whole of so called liberal America. Freedom of speech…my foot.

    Brave Dr. Swami still exhibited poise and dignity while answering some insensitive questions by the same media who never bothered to cover his fight all these years.

    This world is full of bigots. Only Pat Condell can reply to Harvard now. I shall remind him


  7. You know, the thing that kind of irritates me the most is:

    People consciously choosing to see what they think is right, and very conveniently ignoring the basic flaws of the argument. Probably because, intellectual humility is often over-shadowed by selfish motives or ego.

    I agree with you that harvard must have consulted him. May be yes, thats a valid point.

    However, Are you seriously backing the arguments made by Dr. Subramaniam swamy?.
    1) If the muslims in india do not acknowledge their heritage – they should be denied voting rights?.
    Seriously?. really?. i wonder if you know what democracy is, in the first place.

    I am a hindu and am proud to be one. But tolerance is one of the best elements of hindutva, at least the one that i was taught.
    2) Also his advocacy of demolishing about hundreds of mosques – do you guys really think that it would be a solution?. If one has racial motives, at least have the guts to admit it!! and not polishing it with what harvard was supposed to be doing.

    I must agree, that Mr. Subramaniam swamy has made excellent progress in attacking corruption. But in light of the racial remarks that he has made in public ( well, just imagine what might be in his mind, if this is what he speaks out ). I believe, that it would be unwise for any political party to project him as a national asset. Unless, you guys are ok, with hindus like me being against it.

    Also, your assumption of BBC, NDTV and CNN-IBN to be “100%” rubbish – would make one wonder – alright what else do you want us to listen to?. If this theory is right, one should rubbish everything and everyone out – even Mr. Subramaniam swamy, himself.. lol. As far as i know ( and what most would acknowledge ), BBC is one of the least influenced channel and can be trusted to some extent.

    I would be eagerly waiting to see, if you still think that i am wrong. Please enlighten me.
    But, hey lets at least be truthful. may be one of the beautiful elements in hindutva again… at least the one that i was taught.


    1. “Also, your assumption of BBC, NDTV and CNN-IBN to be “100%” rubbish – would make one wonder – alright what else do you want us to listen to?”

      What kind of logic is this? You pick an article from BBC as and say it is 100% correct. Oh, you belong to this brigade where any thing that is spouted from BBC/Harvard cannot be wrong. Get some self esteem and grow a brain. Any way Swamy’s daughter is married to a Muslim and he is married to a Parsee. So he cannot be as racist as you make him out to be


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