Three Lessons of Development Economics, or Why Utsav Mitra is Mistaken

ecodev101 The first lesson of development economics is that economic policies matter. Even if a country has everything going for it, lack of good policies condemn it to poverty. So it is easy to believe that if only good policies were known to those in power, economic development would necessarily follow. My good friend, the globe-trotting adventurer and consultant to capitalists, Utsav Mitra, brought that lesson to mind in a recent twitter exchange on my timeline. As a student of development, I have written a bit over the years on the matter and Utsav refers to it in a tweet which is embedded below.
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A few quotes from “Transforming India”

My friend JP recently sent me a list of quotes from my book “Transforming India: Big Ideas for a Developed Nation.” I thought I would put them on the blog for the benefit of those who have not read the book. Just BTW, you can download a (free) PDF copy of the book at the book site (linked above.)
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Tamil Translator’s Preface to “Transforming India”

Mr S Krishnamoorthy translated “Transforming India” into Tamil. He wrote a translator’s preface to go with the translation. But of course that preface is in Tamil. Therefore, here is an English translation of the translator’s preface in Tamil of the Tamil translation of the English version of the book. For the record.
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Two Reviews of “Transforming India”

Now I can say for sure that my book, “Transforming India”, has been read by at least two people. How do I know that? Because two people have recently written about it. My sincere appreciation for the reviews. Selected bits from them, below the fold.
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