It’s Raining in Trivandrum

Greeting from Thiruvananthapuram, aka Trivandrum. I arrived here yesterday evening from Mumbai. This is the city of the famous Mahavishnu temple in South India, the Sri Anantha Padmanabhaswamy Temple. Thiruvananthapuram means “The land of Sree Anantha Padmanabhaswamy”. A few months ago, that temple’s treasures were valued at Rs 90K crores (around US $20 billion.)
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Praying for an External Shock

The world is reaching a milestone – nominally today – 7 billion people are alive in the world. I suppose there must be some uncertainty about that number; perhaps we have to give or take 100 million or so. It has been estimated that the total number of people who have ever lived is around 100 billion. Thus around 7 percent of people who have ever lived are alive today. That’s an incomprehensively large number.
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The Times of India is a Porn Rag

I am not against porn. It has its place but that place is not in the pages of newspaper that pretends to be a national newspaper. It’s a dismal situation. Here’s a picture compiled by someone — graphically illustrating the fact that the Times of India peddles porn. They have been in that business for a long time. I wrote about it in June 2004 — Peddling Pornography. See also this April 2004 post about the Slimes of India.

Modi Will Rescue India from Its Enemies

My previous post “Narendra Modi Scares Some People” received a comment by Sanjeev Sabhlok. See the full text of the comment here. He began by writing, “Much as I respect your opinions on other matters, I simply can’t understand your stand on Modi.” This post is a reply to Sanjeev explaining why I support Narendrabhai Modi.
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