The Demented Demagogue Digvijay Singh

Digvijay Singh is the kind of low-life that makes pond scum seem an advanced civilized life-form. When I wrote my last post, “Diggy Singh is an RSS Mole“, I had not read this bit from DNA. Here goes:

DNA reports — Mumbai blasts: 5 most stupid things our politicians said

“India is better than Pakistan where blasts take place every day, every week.”
– Digvijay Singh

How can a list of stupid things that politicians said not contain the King of them all?

We thought India was being run into the ground by saffron-clad boogeymen who haunt your every waking moment and can only be exorcised by bringing them up at every conceivable occasion.

So, are you sure, saffron groups are not involved in the blasts, Mr General Secretary? And yeah, did nobody call you the day before the blasts?

I am a pacifist by nature and philosophically I am inclined to compassion towards all sentient beings. But even I draw the line somewhere and I think evil incarnates like Digvijay Singh should be treated as the Religion of Peace dictates for infidels in the Koran — beheading and the pouring of boiling oil down the throat. That would be poetic justice, wouldn’t you say, considering that Digvijay’s targets are the infidels according to the Religion of Peace.

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  1. Atanu

    This scumbug doesnt deserve your blogspace and time.


  2. RSS hand cannot be ruled out in Atanu’s posts.


  3. Comrade,

    Atanu’s hand is RSS hand !!!


  4. Reminds me of VP Singh. Remember him ? Yuck.


  5. It was a shame the way Digvijay talked about Baba Ramdev.I am not a great supporter of the Baba BUT the language used by him was no better than that of a street urchin unbecoming of a person who was the ex chief minister of a state.It would be dignified of him to apologise to Ramdev and the Indians for having put his office to shame.If I were him I would leave the swearing to villains of the film industry.It does not do justice to his office


  6. Atanu, you could check the data set regarding rise in oil prices, rise in wealth of Arabian countries and rise of Congress power in India. A case could be made of Arab oil money funding the congress election fund requirements hence the extra sensitiveness of congress governments to middle eastern concerns even to the detriment of our national interest.


  7. And this man (Digvijay Singh) is appointed as a General Secretary of the Congress (I) party.


  8. Now remember Baba Rahul: “Hindu communalism is more dangerous”, another general secretary. Again a Congress MLA P.C.Vishnunath from Kerala:”Shobhayatra for Sri Krishna Jayanthi sow the seeds of communalism among the youngsters”. Be assured that these sobhayatras consist only Hindu festivals, hence Hindu communalism.

    It is this kind of ‘secular’seeds, sowed by that traitor of the nation Mohandas, that we are living in “Animal Kingdom”.


  9. Digvijay Singh is a perfect epitome of idiot politicians and by all criterion he qualifies to be the king of stupid remarks



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