8 thoughts on “Why the Gods Send Rain to Mexico but not to the Middle East

  1. Dhruv Thursday February 24, 2011 / 4:41 am

    That was a good forward, one I enjoyed a couple of weeks back myself.
    I don’t think the metaphor is apt though, because it’s raining oil money in the Middle East, while Mexico probably has to face ‘God’s’ acid-rain fury?


  2. larissa Thursday February 24, 2011 / 5:05 am

    Come to think of it Latin America is not that great of a place culturally speaking, there is nothing there…But even they are doing better than India! My friend from Brazil was telling me that the dream of Brazilian girls is to be a model and the guys to be a soccer player. Thats the cuture. But they do not have the population of India, and nowhere is there poverty like in India with the exception sub-Saharan Africa. Actually the above comment was right, Gods have been smiling on the Middle EAst because the British and Americans discovered oil there, and as long as oil is important that place will be important, regardless of whether one likes it or not…


  3. manu Friday February 25, 2011 / 8:10 pm

    Well what about all the thul thuls from indian news media reporting weather. Plenty of indian channels had them with their head covered as well, shriman shighra patunu be…


  4. Jagadish Sunday February 27, 2011 / 8:27 pm


    I’ve been to Brazil and worked there for a couple of months at a time, had a few stints there. Brazil’s population is about 190 million today, and is the largest economy in S.America.

    Brazil is famous for three things – carnival, football and crime.

    With rapid economic progress, Brazil is seeing the ills that plague developing countries. The rich – poor divide is as bad as in India. This is the main reason for the high crime rate there. The favelas sprawl in stark contrast to the proper houses of the well to do.

    They have their own mafias and the largest is the PCC or the Primeiro Comando da Capital, they control the drug trade and many other criminal activities, they run protection rackets in prisons and favelas, they’re into many things. I have even come face to face with one supposed gang member, not sure about that, but he looked like a person not to be messed around with, better to avoid.

    However that’s where the similarity ends. Brazil, and for that matter most of Latin America is a remarkable blend of old and new, tradition and modernity. Their history goes back thousands of years to the days of the Incas and Mayas, they have a rich cultural history rivaling India’s or any other old civilization. Every encounter for me was an eye opener.

    Though they are steeped in tradition, they are remarkably broad minded and modern in their thinking and outlook, their approach to life is very different from ours in India or that of the Middle East. I can see that people have a certain joie de vivre, a life and enthusiasm, no matter what. They adapt to situations, and make the most of it. Though a large percentage is Catholic or Christian, they are not fundamentalist, they embrace life, not religion.

    Given a choice between visiting the Middle East or Latin America, guess where I’d go…


  5. larissa Monday February 28, 2011 / 11:28 am

    Sorry, Inca civilization is not the same as Indian as the former is not literate, but these days I suppose the PC view is that everything is retuired to be equal to everything else…. Latin American was first settled by the rif-rafs of Europe, they terrorized and killed and converted without mercy…I think the crime is just a legacy of that pirate culture, even before that the place was wild, the Incas had human sacrifice and many of these tirbes fought and killed each other wthout mercy, even though they had their own societal order, you certainly cannot comapre it to India…sure they had their own culture, but you cannot equate with Indian civilization which is compabable to Greco-Roman civ and other literate civilizations…
    What I was saying that even a place like Latin America is doing better than India, a fact that should make Indians ashamed of themselves. I reacall a Brazilian girl in my religion class where we read the Gita. She marvelled and said at least you guys have such things, we not have have such a concept but just materialism…and this was a Brazilian telling me this! The spirituality they have is from their Catholicism…


  6. anup Wednesday March 2, 2011 / 12:27 am

    chillax larissa….. can’t you give your overworked analytical mind some rest and enjoy the silliness?


  7. shshsh Wednesday March 2, 2011 / 3:50 am

    middle east hast rains sweetheart….i cant find the joke when they are uninformed…jeddah which is the capital of saudi two weeks has flood due to rain…hey…post sense even if it a joke….


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