Banning a Book on Gandhi

Here we go again. The first impulse from the troglodytes on seeing something that is troubling is to shut their own eyes and insist that others be prevented from seeing it also. Apparently their conception of the good society is one in which the people are rendered blind and mute, and where they get to dictate to the people what is allowed to be said, heard, written or read, and by whom. At the center of the current turmoil among the troglodytes is a book by Joseph Lelyveld, “Great Soul: Mahatma Gandhi and His Struggle with India.”
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Mama Maino Brand Pickle

Pickled by the Italian mama

Mama Maino Brand Pickle. Now available all across India. 100% Free of Honesty, Decency and Integrity. Produced by UPA. Marketed by Manmohan.

{The picture is doing the rounds in the interwebs. It was forwarded to me by my friend Yoga. Feel free to distribute it as widely as you can.}