Traveling Places: Goa, Pune, Nashik & Hyderabad

This is a personal post about where in the world I am. I am in Pune for a couple of days, and then in Nashik for the weekend. Of late, I have been traveling a lot. Last Saturday I was in Goa for six hours — landed at 1 PM and left at 7 PM. I had gone there to have a chat with Manohar Parrikar, the ex-CM of Goa. Next Saturday I will be heading off to Hyderabad for the Takshashila Foundation Roundtable. I should mention that I am a fellow at the Takshashila Institution, “an independent networked think tank on India’s strategic affairs.” See you there!

2 thoughts on “Traveling Places: Goa, Pune, Nashik & Hyderabad

  1. Clueso Sunday February 27, 2011 / 7:49 am

    I hail from Goa, but have spent most of the last 10+ years outside it. However, most of my acquaintances who (I think!) value good governance have repeatedly praised Manohar Parrikar’s tenure as the Chief Minister. I am very interested in your views on the man and more importantly his policies/vision/goals if he is voted into power again. Is that worthy of a post?


  2. Abhiha Marathe Sunday February 27, 2011 / 11:39 am


    Would it be possible for you to write about your interactions with such people who are doing something concrete to improve India and have good results to show? We would also appreciate it if you could post transcripts of speeches at forums like Takshashila.



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