Reasoning is Unnatural

I am persuaded that the ability to reason is not natural. It appears that illogic and irrationality is on the increase but it could be just that the internet delivers more examples of stupidity these days than before when it was not possible for the retarded to gain access to the internet. I cite two examples for your consideration.
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Nursery Schools and Government Malfeasance

Mumbai makes me mad. Never mind the alliteration, I cannot stand the horrendous traffic, the repeated demented wail of mosque loudspeakers, the incessant honking of vehicles, and the crowds. But then, I was on Bangalore a few days ago and it was not much better. (Bengaluru is now the proper name but it sounds strange to a Bengali.) Bengaluru too has horrendous traffic, demented wailing from a few thousand mosques, the honking, . . . Signs of urban decay and disastrous descent into chaos is depressingly ubiquitous and inescapable. If that has not cheered you up, continue reading.
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