If you want to travel from the US to China via Japan

Just in case you need to go to China from the US via Japan, check google maps for directions.

Go to google maps.
Click on “Get directions”.
Enter “United states”
Next enter “Japan”
Then click on “Add destination” and enter “China.

US to Japan is 8,812 miles and will take about 35 days 18 hours, according to Google maps. Then Japan to China, a distance of 2,552 miles will take only an additional 2 days 11 hours. Note that your speed is much much higher in the Japan to China segment. Puzzling, no?

Well the reason is simple. In the US to Japan segment, you have to kayak across the Pacific ocean. Step 27 of the directions

27. Kayak across the Pacific Ocean 2,756 miles

and then

42. Kayak across the Pacific Ocean 3,789 miles
Entering Japan

But when you go from Japan to China, you have

117. Jet ski across the Pacific Ocean 486 miles

The lesson is simple. Kayaking across the Pacific ocean takes a very long time. I think you should use jet skies instead. Don’t tell me I didn’t warn you.

Author: Atanu Dey


4 thoughts on “If you want to travel from the US to China via Japan”

  1. Atanu,

    You missed one of the best part : “This route has tolls !!!”….BTW, they had another such route from Boston to London in very early google maps which asked you to swim across !! They later removed it !


  2. A woman sued Google for unsafe walking directions when she was hit by a car. I would like to sue Google for unsafe kayaking directions! 😀


  3. actually you are asking for directions to go via land thats why you get those directions… guess thats the only way without using a aircraft


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