A Tale of Two Countries

Singapore and India. Here are some numbers. In 1965, the exchange rate between Singaporean dollar and US$ was 3 (that is 3 S$ = 1 US$). By 2009, S$ had appreciate to 1.45 — more than doubling in value relative to the US$. How did India do? Against the US$ it went from 4 Rs to the US$ to 48 Rs per US$. In other words, relative to the US$, the Indian rupee dropped to one-twelfth its value during the same period that the S$ appreciated against the US$. What a contrast.
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Why I’m a Field-nigger and Manmohan Singh is Not

I should apologize for being a lazy bum. Otherwise I would have responded sooner to some of the comments that need a response to my post “Arundhati Roy is a Damn Nuisance.” Anyhow, better late than never. So, first, a note of thanks to those who left the thoughtful comments. I am glad that you took the time. Next comes the more interesting part of replying to the negative comments.
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