Takes Two to Tango

And now to sit down and consider the comments made on the three parts (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3) of “A Tale of Two Countries.” I hope to consolidate all the comments into major themes to keep this as short and succinct as possible. First let’s address a basic question. Who is responsible for the state that India is in? Is it the people or is it the leaders? The short clichéd answer is “it takes two to tango.” Ok, you will say, but who started it? It is hard to determine that to everyone’s satisfaction. Did the chicken come first or was it the egg? Putting the blame on one party leaves the matter in a Zen-like quantum indeterminate state of the sound of one hand clapping. (Ponder that for a bit if you will.)
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A few points on posting comments

Thanks to all who bother to post comments and advance the discussion. To make it easier on all of us, may I suggest that proof-reading before hitting the post button is important. Otherwise you have to waste time writing a correction. And one more thing. Please, please use html blockquote code to indicate, where appropriate, what specifically you are commenting about. See below for how to do that.
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