Breaking News: Padma Bhushan for Vir-G and Barkha-G

Broken News: All India Radia reports that Madam Sonia will recommend both Barkha Dutt and Vir Sanghvi for Padma Bhushan.

In addition both will be awarded the Rajiv Gandhi Integrity Award (sponsored by Bofors), the Jawaharlal Nehru Prize (sponsored by the Chinese mouthpiece newspaper The Hindu), an honorary doctorate from Indira Gandhi University (sponsored in part by the friends of Kalmadi), and a dinner at the Sonia Gandhi Park Hotel located at the Jawaharlal Nehru Circle behind the Rajiv Gandhi Auditorium next to the Indira Gandhi Memorial Toilet, close to the Kamala Nehru Trust House, a stone’s throw away from Feroze Gandhi Auditorium (which is not to be confused with the Sanjay Gandhi Auditorium that is near the Rajiv Gandhi Sports Complex at the intersection of Jawaharlal Avenue and Indira Gandhi Boulevard).

{Thanks to my friend Rajan Parrikar for the inspiration.}

Post script: Manmohan Singh says he knows all about the 2G — Sonia-G and Rahul-G. He thought they were talking about Sonia-ji and Rahul-ji.

Author: Atanu Dey


12 thoughts on “Breaking News: Padma Bhushan for Vir-G and Barkha-G”

  1. 2G is a small scam. Bigger scam is in allocating/renewing mining licences without competitive bidding. The country seems to have lost Rs 6 lac crores or even more. Take the case of tiny state of Goa: miners profit Rs 20,000 crore annually, which is seven times the annual tax revenue of the entire state. If these leases were auctioned, the government could have reaped in Rs 1 lac crores in tiny Goa alone.


  2. “Oh God. So now what? What should I tell them? Tell me what should I tell them?” —BARKHA DUTT

    Looks like the media, especially NDTV etc are corrupt and for sale (Remember the stories for sale scandal of ToI). They have the gall to discuss the politician’s corruption. Ha ha ha !!!

    Its funny that this corrupt, “bikau” media posted an article claiming that Obama’s trip to India will cost $200 million per day and it became a minor scandal in the US. Until CNN did some real journalism and debunked the BS story …. The press in the US apparently doesnt know that that NDTV and other English language media in India are for-sale and wouldnt know journalism if it hit them on head.


  3. Its interesting to see that the tapes are part of income tax surveillance and I am assuming (correct me if I am wrong) can be obtained by other news outlets, yet other than Outlook no other paper of record thinks that this is an important story !!!!

    PM knew about the existence of the tapes yet had to relent in taking Raja as a part of the new cabinet !!!


  4. Spot on, wonderful post. But the general Indian public will forget all this and wait for these so called journos and their stupid views. I have lost faith in all main stream Indian English media.


  5. How idiotic Mr Atanu Dey. That is supposed to be funny? I thought Bengalis had a better sense of humor than that.

    For some reason everybody is very jealous of Barkha Dutt’s award. I guess you feel you deserved it more than her.

    Try writing more worthy articles Mr Dey. Take lessons from Vir Sanghvi if need be, on world-class writing and borrow some of his genius.

    After that, try writing again. If your blog is good, we will buy you chai and shingara as prize from Shoilo Sweets.


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