The Devil in the Vatican

There is a very famous woman in India who is a Roman Catholic. Roman Catholics take as their undisputed leader the Bishop of Rome, aka the Pope, or Papa. You’d have thought that in this day and age, people would have given up on medieval superstitions. Most have but some — even some very powerful people — are superstitious. How superstitious? Continue reading “The Devil in the Vatican”

China’s Proposed Transcontinental Rail Project

The Chinese leadership knows how to think big — which is more than what one can say about the Indian leadership, which one must remember has been mainly from the Congress party led by the Nehru-Gandhi Dynasty. One case in point is how big the Chinese leaders think about railways. Continue reading “China’s Proposed Transcontinental Rail Project”

I wannabe a Card-carrying Internet Hindu

I am an internet Hindu. The wannabe part refers to the card-carrying bit. What we Internet Hindus(tm) chiefly need are genuine laminated identity cards. Commies and pseudo-secularists no doubt have their official authorized genuine cards. So I too want one. I am sure that among the hordes of Internet Hindus(tm), there must be some who are good at creative graphic design. You may ask, “How do you know there are hordes of Internet Hindus(tm)?” Here’s how. Continue reading “I wannabe a Card-carrying Internet Hindu”

The Education of Pseudo-Seculars

I have often wondered where the pseudo-seculars of the Indian main stream media — the Burkhas, Sataricas, Amendhatis — got their education. One conjecture I have is that they got bussed to school — on the Samjhauta Bus — to Pakistan’s Punjab province. Continue reading “The Education of Pseudo-Seculars”