Rajan’s photos of Ganesh on Huffington Post

* * * Ganesh -- the One with a Mighty Body * * *

My friend Rajan Parrikar’s photo feature on Ganesh — the One with the Broken Tusk, the One with the Huge Body, the One with the Brilliance of a Million suns. Continue reading “Rajan’s photos of Ganesh on Huffington Post”

Happy Ganesh Chaturthi

Greetings on Ganesh Chatruthi.

May Vigneshwara (the remover of obstacles), Ekadanta (the One with the one Tusk), Mahakaya (One with the Huge Body), etc., remove the obstacles to your ventures. I am sure that he will remove the writer’s block that I have. I have made the appropriate invocations to him. Here’s a wonderful prayer to Nadapratithishta, the One who Appreciates and Loves Music.

Below the fold you will find another pretty good song to Ganapati and a list of his 108 names.
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