What Explains China’s Rise?

In any discussion on economic development, China invariably shows up. How did China manage an economic transformation that it now rivals even the greatest developed economy? Isn't it amazing that China did that without being a democracy? Or maybe precisely because it is an autocracy that it could do what India, the largest democracy in … Continue reading What Explains China’s Rise?

Narendra Modi Goes to China

Narendrabhai is in China leading a business delegation which includes my colleague Rajesh Jain. China.org.cn reports: Narendra Modi, Chief Minister of Gujarat, India, is leading a high level India delegation visiting China this week. Modi and other delegates hope to attract Chinese investment in sectors like chemicals, pharmaceuticals, electrical equipment and transformer manufacturing. Located on … Continue reading Narendra Modi Goes to China

China’s Proposed Transcontinental Rail Project

The Chinese leadership knows how to think big -- which is more than what one can say about the Indian leadership, which one must remember has been mainly from the Congress party led by the Nehru-Gandhi Dynasty. One case in point is how big the Chinese leaders think about railways. The Chinese are significantly ahead … Continue reading China’s Proposed Transcontinental Rail Project