My Position on MF Husain

This should not require any clarification but one has little choice but to live in the world as it is, not in an imaginary world where people are reasonable. One anonymous person posted a pretty needless question on my post “The Land of Retards and Hypocrites.” He, or she, wrote, “Are you unhappy about Husain’s depictions? Are you okay (or sort of okay) with cases slapped on him?” Continue reading

Kaushik Basu: “Words Don’t Feed the Poor”

Among economists who can explain economics to anyone even remotely interested in the subject, Prof Kaushik Basu is in a league of his own. Many years ago as a graduate student at Berkeley, I had had the privilege of hosting him for dinner together with Profs deJanvry and Sadoulet. I occasionally re-read his columns to learn how to write. Here I present an extended excerpt from a 1997 India Today column of his. {Click on image for source.} Continue reading