The Education of Pseudo-Seculars

I have often wondered where the pseudo-seculars of the Indian main stream media — the Burkhas, Sataricas, Amendhatis — got their education. One conjecture I have is that they got bussed to school — on the Samjhauta Bus — to Pakistan’s Punjab province.

There they learned about the evils of Hinduism and Hindus. Such as

. . . sixth-grade Punjab provincial textbook called “Social Studies 6.”

In one chapter it explains the forefathers of Hinduism “were fond of gambling, drinking and dancing … the foundation of Hindu set up was based on injustice and cruelty.”

Another textbook used by students throughout Punjab, Pakistan’s most populous state, is called “Social Studies for Class V.” It begins: “Islam gives women a high position of respect whereas Hinduism gives a very low place to women.” The same book outlines the concept of jihad.

Texts for older students offer more of the same.

“Social Studies for Class VIII” describes how during the 19th century, “the Hindu racists were not only against Muslims but also against all other minorities …” The book charges Hindus and Sikhs practised ethnic cleansing during partition in 1947 when India and Pakistan were carved out of British India and became independent states. [Source: The]

Hat tip: Pankaj Pradhan.

Author: Atanu Dey


3 thoughts on “The Education of Pseudo-Seculars”

  1. The name of the education official over there is aurangazeb! Obviously named after the one who used to earn living weaving caps, when he was not killing Kaffirs! But hey, we have a main road named after the same guy in our capital. Since both of us are the same kind of people, we need more “Aman ki Ashas” you know.


  2. No wonder Sohail Tanvir openly cried “Hinduonka raj hai.. kya karein” or something to that effect when pakis werent picked up in IPL.

    I believe the video is still there on the youtube.

    What a predicament:
    Our government screams out from the rooftop of our parliament that India is NOT a Hindu country, whereas Pakistan alleges it IS!


  3. Without India the pakis will not have any one to hate, so they die of utter boredom, their economy collapses as their GDP depends on ‘hatred towards Hindus’.


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