This Blog is Banned in Iran

You know that you have arrived when you find that your writing has been banned in some place. Nihar, when he was traveling in Iran, found that some blog posts of mine are banned there. He sent me a screen capture which you will find below the fold. Now at least I hope you are impressed. Or will you be impressed only after the Indian government bans this blog?

PS: I don’t think it will be long before the government of India bans this blog. There are too many things here which are embarrassing for the Indian government. Recall that the government of India banned Salman Rushdie even before the mullahs in Iran got their act together. The Indian government is holier than the mullahs of fundamentalist Islam. After all, how else can India be a “secular” state if it cannot pander to Islamic fundamentalism, eh?


10 thoughts on “This Blog is Banned in Iran

  1. is the entire blog banned or only that particular post?
    coz in the screenshot, there is another minimized window which seems to be pointing to your blog.


  2. wanderlust:

    Not the entire blog but only specific posts. The blog post title is inaccurate because it states the entire blog is banned. But I did not want a long title “Some of the blog posts on this blog are banned in Iran”, I chose the shorter title. But I did state in this post that “some blog posts of mine are banned in Iran.”


    1. jjreddick, it could be that it’s a generic ban on YouTube that is causing the “access denied” problem.

      I don’t have information on other posts that may be blocked in Iran.


  3. Whatever might be happening in other countries; I, Major Arun Kumar Jha, presently a 37 yr old serving officer of the Indian Army, am convinced that I am DESTINED TO orchestrate the plans coming through me for enhancing the food security of India by the grace of HH Sri Sri Ravi Shankar (‘Art of Living’).

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    The Process. The process would be to get this project registered as a Project of the SSRDP (Sri Sri Rural Development Program) of the ‘Art of Living’ (AOL) – which is responsible for development activities of the AOL in India – and route all contributions towards this project in the initial years. Over a period of time; the enterprise would separate from the SSRDP. This Project has been promised by Gurudev to be Registered as a Project of the AOL, when all the members of the ‘Core Team’ of this enterprise meet Him in Bangalore; in August 2009.
    My email is; and I request all parties interested in this project/ enterprise to engage in discussions with me regarding this project.


  4. No, the other blocked posts didn’t necessary have youtube videos embedded.

    Other blocked sites included and

    There wasn’t a blanket ban on youtube while I was there, I was actually able to watch a Pat Condell video.

    Perhaps their software looks for certain keywords?



  5. I am Major Arun Kumar Jha, now a 40 yr old serving Officer of the Indian Army originally from a village in Madhubani district in Bihar state in India.

    The motivation of my thoughts (in the direction of enhancing the Food Security of India thru the fertile plains of Bihar) has been maintained since my last comment on one of Atanu Dey’s Blogs (in Jul 2002).

    I would now be leaving my service (with Pension) by 14 June 2012; and putting my 100% in the direction of these plans. Mr Atanu Dey might recollect a ‘CRAZY, SENTIMENTAL,and EMOTIONAL’ reply on his comment on HH Sri Sri Ravi Shankar (Founder of the ‘Art of Living’ (AOL).

    Presently, Destiny has enabled me to get Posted near Patna, the Capital of Bihar state in India. I have Registered a Trust (the ‘AAA Jambu Dweep Trust) in the name of my wife in Patna city in Bihar since I cannot operate a Trust myself (on my name).

    Anyone related with the AOL wishing to know more about the plans and/or give his assistance in this Project of the AAA Jambu Dweep Trust is requested to kindly contact me at jdfparunjhaatgmaildotcom.


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