Wordly Wisdom According to Charlie Munger

The web is a wonderful place where if you have the required smarts, you can get yourself a pretty decent education. Just having a lot of information at the click of a mouse would not do. You have to know what to take and in which sequence. What you get out of a book — or the web — obviously depends on you. But we can safely assume that one is reasonably well educated and can reason effectively at some level. If that is so, then the task becomes one of having to choose which bits you will focus on. With gazillions of pages of information in the web, that is not a trivial challenge.
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Astonishing Gullibility

It is hard to reconcile poor governance with a population which is reasonably smart. The basic nature of reality does not admit such contradictions. The inescapable conclusion is that the population is not smart. Evidence of it is all around us to see but I would like to present an illustrative example — with a picture below the fold. It demonstrates the stupidity of some apparently educated — well, if not educated, at least literate — people which makes them so terrifyingly gullible. Never think that we collectively do not deserve the poor governance.
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