The Advantage of Not Having to Shave

The primary advantage of not having to shave your mug is that you don’t have to face yourself in the mirror every day. Unless of course if one is totally shameless or is already barefaced (as in a barefaced liar.) I am just saying.

What brought about this line of thinking is a recent piece by S Gurumurthy, “Shy Rao, shameless Singh” in ExpressBuzz. Gurumurthy starts off quoting Mr Manmohan Singh on the innocence of Quattrocchi, the Italian businessman friend of the Sonia Gandhi family. Mr Singh is quoted as saying, “The Quattrocchi case is an embarrassment for the Government of India… The court says we do not have a strong case.” The article has all the details of the affair Q!

Gurumurthy concludes with

Manmohan Singh today does what Sonia wants like Narasimha Rao did then what she wanted. Yet, there is a difference between how the two obliged her. Rao felt shy to do what she wanted. So he did it stealthily. Singh does what she wants openly and shamelessly. Even, a Sonia family retainer like H R Bharadwaj feels shy to own up the shameless withdrawal of the Red Corner Notice on Q; but the PM owns it proudly. Singh is shameless about what Rao used to feel shy. Why? Unlike Rao, Singh is not an elected prime minister but a nominated one; he is not chosen by democratic process, but selected by the dynasty; he is not backed by the people, but backed by the family. So the shift from shyness to shamelessness, from Rao to Singh .

Fortunately, Mr Singh is a Sikh and does not have to shave. He does not have to face himself. But one does wonder how he shows his face in public, though. Perhaps he minimizes his public expose. That could explain why he never contests elections. At some level, the sadness one feels for him is mixed in with heaps of contempt and pity.

Still I find it hard to believe that people actually vote for a party which has him as a member. What does it say about those voters? Some things are best not delved into too deeply.

Post script: Please do read “A Self-confessed Slave” — a post about Mr Manmohan Singh.

Author: Atanu Dey


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  1. It is high time he quits politics (which anyway he says he is not)and return to academic life or take retirement.

    He should announce it immediately after the elections.


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