Universal Studios should come out with a King Kong stage that features a brand spanking new toilette that should be put into place in a movie set resembling the oval office at the White House, where it is convex shaped like a giant lunar crater telescope mirror, and the vice presidential right arm flush lever would be holding a congratulatory second place nomination prize which should be in the shape of the Mars Phoenix Polar Lander surface digging tool.

Then, when this John McCain Vs. Obama electoral voting race comes to an end, and if Barack wins the election and picks Hillary Clinton as VP, then she can accept the Japanese Space Station loser award whereby she has to run around in a spiraling Chinese fire drill circle releasing small amounts of gravitational waves that can be captured by environmentalists as a solution to our national energy crisis so that America does not need to worry so much about the high price of gas resulting from the taxes on our high crude oil prices anymore.

Then the giant Empire State Building climbing George W. Bush apeman could reach his large primate hands into the Presidential Room and grab Hillary and run off with her while Mrs. Clinton is screaming “Bill, Bill, save me Bill, save me”. All the while the Cloverfield Monster and Godzilla would then be fighting up another Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans and knocking buildings over so then Secretary of Homeland Security Defense Ronald Dumsfield would call in a preemptive Shock and Awe Counterstrike in order to scare the two large Rexosaurises back into the Dead Zone in the Gulf of Mexico where they will never be found again because that counts as a Sanctuary City for Illegal Underwater Monster Immigrants that try to come across the Atlantic Oceanic Border from Cuba.


Author: Atanu Dey


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