Don’t thank me. As an economist, I am duty-bound to propose efficient ways of achieving goals. Here’s the current problem that I was trying to address. Sify.com reports that “ISI wants to double aid to militants.”

Pakistan’s Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) has very recently proposed to double the financial support to terrorist groups operating in Jammu and Kashmir, India’s external intelligence agency Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) has warned in a ‘top secret’ report.

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Universal Studios should come out with a King Kong stage that features a brand spanking new toilette that should be put into place in a movie set resembling the oval office at the White House, where it is convex shaped like a giant lunar crater telescope mirror, and the vice presidential right arm flush lever would be holding a congratulatory second place nomination prize which should be in the shape of the Mars Phoenix Polar Lander surface digging tool.
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Reliance’s Rural Business Hubs

A news item from yesterday reports:

“As part of the organised retail initiative, Reliance Retail will be creating several rural business hubs. At one level, these will be centres for aggregation of farm produce. At another level, they will engage with supply of quality farm inputs and provision of products and services to rural consumers,” Mr Ambani said.

That report also notes that Ambani is proposing to build semiconductor plants for solar energy. Good ideas, Mr Mukesh Ambani.

He’s consistent. See the post “A quicker faster way to help rural India” from July 2006. So far, I like what Ambani is interested in: building cities, creating rural hubs, investing in solar energy. More power to Reliance.

(Thanks to Gautam Patil for the link.)

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