Reliance’s Rural Business Hubs

A news item from yesterday reports:

“As part of the organised retail initiative, Reliance Retail will be creating several rural business hubs. At one level, these will be centres for aggregation of farm produce. At another level, they will engage with supply of quality farm inputs and provision of products and services to rural consumers,” Mr Ambani said.

That report also notes that Ambani is proposing to build semiconductor plants for solar energy. Good ideas, Mr Mukesh Ambani.

He’s consistent. See the post “A quicker faster way to help rural India” from July 2006. So far, I like what Ambani is interested in: building cities, creating rural hubs, investing in solar energy. More power to Reliance.

(Thanks to Gautam Patil for the link.)

Author: Atanu Dey


4 thoughts on “Reliance’s Rural Business Hubs”

  1. But.. but…but won’t these capitalist mafiosi ruin our sylvan villages!

    I mean, all these things will allow farmers to earn more, sell directly to customers and disintermediate the maay-baap sarkar. We cannot allow that to happen!

    The sarkar must rule their destiny into perpetuity… and work hard to keep them in the villages.

    end of morning sarcasm


  2. Nice article about Mukesh Ambani in NYTimes. I liked his idea of supporting artisans in rural area by providing them information on what to produce, perform quality control and get them better value for their produce. Atleast, this will remove current intermediaries (i hate to use words like dalals) who does not provide any value addition and should not exist in first place.


  3. Re: agriculture, what’s needed is for Indian farmers to not go the monoculture way and instead, shift to more sustainable and less polluting means of producing food that revitalize and strengthen local economies. Basically, not a repeat of what the documentary “King Corn” ( showed – the negative effects of industrial agriculture (vis-a-vis corn) which are a result of policies set in the 70s. It took 30 years for the negative results of those policies to manifest themselves to the extent that they cannot be ignored. I hope India doesn’t repeat that mistake. If Reliance can help in achieving that goal, more power to it. If Mukesh Ambani has a vision similar to outlined in the link below, then props to him.


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