Stupid People and Scams

I got a text message a couple of days ago. It read:

[Amazon] Your account has been deactivated. Please update your personal details.

I clicked on the link knowing that it was a scam. I landed on a page that had looked like an Amazon page — except that it was an obvious fake. I filled in all the required information — email address, postal address, credit card  number, expiration date of CC and the 3-digit security number at the back of the card.

Scammers (probably Nigerians) keep doing this sort of thing. I suspect that they must be getting some returns. Perhaps around 1 in 1000 attempts results in a hit. The reason bad people often thrive is because there are sufficient number of stupid people.

Unfortunately this combination of stupid people and scammers is not limited to internet fraud only. The really consequential scams are run by politicians and their cronies. Societies suffer trillions of dollars worth of damage. Hundreds of millions of stupid people vote for governments which are just sophisticated scams writ large.

That’s a depressing situation. But there’s nothing we can do about it. So we just grin and bear it. To lighten the mood, here’s a pretty funny video. Cheers.



Author: Atanu Dey


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