Babur’s Tomb

Once again the Religion of Peace has triumphed in yet another part of the world. Afghanistan used to be Buddhist once upon a time. Remember the huge Bamiyan Buddhas? The Taliban took care of them. Islam does wonders for any region it occupies.

The picture above is of the tombstone of Babur in Bagh-e-Babur in Kabul, Afghanistan. On an official visit to Afghanistan in 2005, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh visited Babur’s tomb to pay his respects to that tyrant. The wiki says,

The violence of Babur in the 1520s was witnessed by Guru Nanak, who commented upon it in four hymns. Historians suggest the early Mughal period of religious violence contributed to introspection and then the transformation in Sikhism from pacifism to militancy for self-defense. According to Babur’s autobiography, Baburnama, his campaign in northwest India targeted Hindus and Sikhs as well as apostates (non-Sunni sects of Islam), and an immense number were killed, with Muslim camps building “towers of skulls of the infidels” on hillocks.

Singh was bowing at the grave of the tyrant who slaughtered Hindus and Sikhs. Singh was paying tribute to the people who slaughtered Sikh Gurus.

Tens of millions of Muslims in India worship Babur. The screen capture below is the ANI report. (Click on image to go to The Tribune Online Edition.) Continue reading “Babur’s Tomb”

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