I like planes. My desktop background is invariably the picture of a plane. My favorite commercial jetliner is the Boeing 747.

Boeing 747 (Click on the picture to embiggen.)

Next favorite — the Airbus A-380. Current desktop. Click on image to embiggen in separate tab.

Airbus A-380

The big jetliners are marvels of technology. It’s more than rocket science, and therefore more awesome than brain surgery.


Author: Atanu Dey


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    1. I spent the most time (at least 60 full days) on board a 747. That’s why it’s my favorite. And the A380 is second fav because it’s just so awesome. The 777 and 787 are good planes are they are not iconic like the other two.

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  1. Why is there a geometrical spiral draw on many of the airplane turbines/motors/propellers?

    If your Korean-Air Boeing 747 is indeed in the air, why the turbine/motor/propeller looks stationary?


    1. Why spirals are painted? Here’s why.

      The reason for painting designs on engine spinners is for the safety of ground personnel. Working near a running jet engine is extraordinarily dangerous. A Boeing 737 engine, running at idle power, has a hazard zone of 9 feet to the front and sides of the engine. This means that, even at idle thrust, a human that walks in the hazard area runs the risk of being sucked inside and consumed by the engine. When the engine is above idle thrust, the hazard zone increases to 14 feet or more. Engines on larger jets, like the 777 have much larger hazard zones. It is absolutely critical that ground crews can identify a running engine and stay away from it.

      The fan appears to be stationary because the turbine speed is lower (the plane is about to land as you can tell from the position of the slats and flaps, and the gear is lowered) than the camera shutter speed.

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  2. If you like Planes, you will love the new Uddan Khatola 000

    It is a totally indigenous plane manufactured in Vadodara. Khatola 000 is based on a novel airplane design called Gujarat Model, and built under the Make in India scheme. Each plane is fitted with 18 – yes, you read that right 18 – toilets; provided under Modiji’s National Toilet Building Scheme. These toilets were produced by a leading Public Sector Undertaking (emphasis on the word Undertaking). They are self-composting and can turn human shit into Gold; but mind it – the Gold is swiftly transferred to Central Bank vaults (because Black Money Bruh)

    Every morn, noon and night – volunteers of the Swachh Bharat mission clean these planes using brooms that have stickers of the Japanese Bullet train on the broom-handle. They did not have any stickers at first – but the generous and efficient Japanese provided funding using which these stickers were manufactured. This is the only tangible deliverable from the Bullet Train project.

    You can ride these planes only if you fly Air India, but to get a ticket you need to provide your Aadhaar Card and pay using the BHIM App .Strictly – no Black Money allowed. Air India policy forbids pets on board – so your Dog is not allowed. Chinese and Pakistani nationals are also not allowed. On the positive side, Cows are permitted. Women of menstrual age are also permitted (this is a plane, not Sabrimala). Finally – once you are in the plane, you are not allowed to use your camera to take pictures.

    Many Indian Public Sector Banks went bankrupt lending to the assorted Indian companies that were suppliers to the Khatola 000 project; but this is not cause for alarm. All these bankrupt banks were recently amalgamated into one – and the amalgamated entity was sold to Life Insurance Corporation (LIC)
    Government makes you buy life insurance if you want to fly on the Khatola 000. Only LIC is allowed to sell the policy. If you complain that the policy premium is too high – you are likely Xi Jinping’s Dog – which is a double disqualification to be on the plane.

    So don’t complain. Buy your policy, Fly Khatola and do your bit to turn India into a $5 Trillion economy. Amitabh Kant will personally thank you.


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