In Spite of the Gods (Redux)

A good friend sent me an email which reminded me of an old post of mine. Here, for your entertainment, is the text of the email and a link to the old post.

A friend just gave me the book as a gift. He thinks the world of Luce’s book. I started reading it and within the first few pages I knew that I don’t need to read Luce to learn anything about India (unless I want to imbibe superficial tripe). Then I looked up your site and I see that you have already consigned Luce to the rubbish bin.

My question is: how do supposedly educated desis fall for this shit? Rhetorical question, of course.

I confess I (still) have not read the book. But reading the title and the review of the book was sufficient for me to know what it was about. As they say in Hindi, samajdar ko eshara kafi hota hai. Go read the post from Jan 2007 on “In Spite of the Gods.