The Times of India is a Porn Rag

I am not against porn. It has its place but that place is not in the pages of newspaper that pretends to be a national newspaper. It’s a dismal situation. Here’s a picture compiled by someone — graphically illustrating the fact that the Times of India peddles porn. They have been in that business for a long time. I wrote about it in June 2004 — Peddling Pornography. See also this April 2004 post about the Slimes of India.

Modi Will Rescue India from Its Enemies

My previous post “Narendra Modi Scares Some People” received a comment by Sanjeev Sabhlok. See the full text of the comment here. He began by writing, “Much as I respect your opinions on other matters, I simply can’t understand your stand on Modi.” This post is a reply to Sanjeev explaining why I support Narendrabhai Modi.
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Narendra Modi Scares Some People

In the 10 days that I have been in India, I have traveled quite a bit. First was a road trip from Mumbai to Nashik to see my younger brother. Then a day trip to Ahmedabad/Gandhinagar. Three days ago I came to Kolkata and I’ll return to Mumbai on Tuesday 25th October.
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