The Times of India is a Porn Rag

I am not against porn. It has its place but that place is not in the pages of newspaper that pretends to be a national newspaper. It’s a dismal situation. Here’s a picture compiled by someone — graphically illustrating the fact that the Times of India peddles porn. They have been in that business for a long time. I wrote about it in June 2004 — Peddling Pornography. See also this April 2004 post about the Slimes of India.

Modi Will Rescue India from Its Enemies

My previous post “Narendra Modi Scares Some People” received a comment by Sanjeev Sabhlok. See the full text of the comment here. He began by writing, “Much as I respect your opinions on other matters, I simply can’t understand your stand on Modi.” This post is a reply to Sanjeev explaining why I support Narendrabhai Modi.
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Narendra Modi Scares Some People

In the 10 days that I have been in India, I have traveled quite a bit. First was a road trip from Mumbai to Nashik to see my younger brother. Then a day trip to Ahmedabad/Gandhinagar. Three days ago I came to Kolkata and I’ll return to Mumbai on Tuesday 25th October.
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Off to Kolkata

I am on my way to Kolkata — the city most likely to be mispronounced in airport announcements. What’s so hard about “coal-kaa-taa”? Three simple syllables with equal stress on each. In any case, the plan is to meet people and talk about things related to India and its political future. Just BTW, for the rest of my visit, I am going to be in the following cities:
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Development and Governance

I suppose I owe my readers (all three of them) an apology for not posting to this blog. But all that is going to change, as of this very moment. Once you know what I am up to, you will understand the reason for my uncharacteristic lack of communications. I have been wandering around the country.
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In transit from SFO to Mumbai

I am off to the old motherland. I will be the guest of Lufthansa flight from SFO to Frankfurt on their Airbus 380, and then on to Mumbai (on a Boeing 747, I guess.) First time on A380 — I am looking forward to it. I will catch up after I land in Mumbai on Oct 13th Thursday at 1 AM. Take care.

Aakash, blue skies vaporware

In the information technology sector, the two well-known categories of goods are hardware, the stuff you can hold in your hands, and software, the bits that have no weight. The third category is termed vaporware: hardware that exist only in the fevered imagination of their promoters and which will never hit the stores.
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