Release the CBI tapes to the Public Domain

“The CBI on Monday told the Supreme Court (SC) that it has in its possession 5,851 call recordings, many of them 30-40 minutes long, of corporate lobbyist Nira Radia with various people,” says DNA. I propose that these recordings be published on the web immediately. Why?

Check this out.

The investigating agency, which admitted for the first time that the tapes were given to it by the income tax (I-T) department, said it had heard around 3,500 call records. CBI counsel and senior advocate KK Venugopal told the SC that the agency will take two months to complete the investigation, and another month to reach a conclusion and file a charge sheet. “There has to be evidence and documents for each charge. The CAG report is about financial impropriety and not a criminal act,” Venugopal told a bench of justices GS Singhvi and AK Ganguly.

“The recordings are being subjected to a detailed examination, which is a long and painful process because each of the incriminating statements is to be connected with the statements/ records, so that a comprehensive picture of the transactions…could be obtained,” an affidavit filed by Suresh Kumar Palsania, deputy director, CBI, reads.

The CBI said, “The case is of enormous magnitude which requires the agency to deploy a team of officers for the investigation. It is not confined to India alone; it has ramifications in various foreign countries.”

The more eyes (or ears, if you will) examining the evidence, the more likely it is that wrong-doings will be exposed, and as quickly as possible. The CBI will not be able to use the excuse that their ‘team of officers’ are overloaded with work. It will also ensure that the CBI’s experts are not improperly influenced. If the CBI knows that others are also examining the information, they would be more diligent in their sleuthing.

I am sure that hundreds, if not thousands, of people would be delighted to listen to the thousands of intercepted calls. Here we have an opportunity to demonstrate what democracy is all about — public participation the functioning of society.

Please write to the appointed prime minister Mr Manmohan Singh to make the tapes available on them interwebs. Unless Mr Singh’s government fears that what the tapes reveal would be damaging to its image, it must put them in the public domain.

Paging wikileaks. Wikileaks, please pick up the white courtesy telephone. We have an urgent message for you.

Author: Atanu Dey


6 thoughts on “Release the CBI tapes to the Public Domain”

  1. Well – even if the tapes get published – NOTHING, NADA, ZILCH will happen in the public domain.
    For everyone this is just entertainment no different from Kyun Ki Saas Bhi Bahu Thi. Nira Radia will merrily live her life in the UK and the rest of the ‘aam janta’ will go about life as usual in the ghettos of aamchi Mumbai while Thackeray and his gang pillage Mumbai and Sonia and her gang pillages India.
    No one is more cursed than Bharat – Perhaps a movement to send Sonia and her family to Italy should be started.


  2. Can an RTI be filed to get them public? I suspect they will say that the matter is sub judice and hence the material cannot be released. There’s probably going to be a long never-ending court case now. 😦


  3. I find it very disturbing that Mr Tata has asked the SC to block the release of the tapes. I had high regards for the house of Tatas – but the fact that he is pushing so hard to suppress these tapes is a major black mark against him. What does he have to hide ?

    Dr Malpani


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