A few points on posting comments

Thanks to all who bother to post comments and advance the discussion. To make it easier on all of us, may I suggest that proof-reading before hitting the post button is important. Otherwise you have to waste time writing a correction. And one more thing. Please, please use html blockquote code to indicate, where appropriate, what specifically you are commenting about. See below for how to do that.

If you type this — <blockquote>This is the bit of text that I am quoting.</blockquote> — then this will be displayed in your comment:

This is the bit of text that I am quoting.

This is particularly aimed at those who frequently post comments in which they refer to bits from other comments. I will not mention names here as you know who you are. (I should mention that I appreciate the trouble frequent commentators take in furthering the discussion. Thank you.)

Another way to distinguish the quoted bits is to simply italicize the quoted bit, and also indicate whom you are quoting.. How do you do that? Thusly. Type — <em>This bit is italicized</em> — and it will show up as This bit is italicized.

Next, this blog uses “Akismet” spam control. Which means, the system automagically holds spam comments in a spam folder. Most of the time, it works quite well. But on rare occasions, it tags a legitimate comment as spam (false positive) and sticks it in the spam folder, and so the comment does not show up immediately.

Therefore if you post a comment and it does not show up right away, please be patient. The comment will show up when I get around to rescuing the comment from the spam folder. Please feel free to email me alerting me that your comment did not show. My email address is my simple: atanudey at gmail dot com.

Thank you for your help.

Author: Atanu Dey


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  1. If you are using WordPress, which I think you are, you might be interested in this plugin WinerLinks. It assigns a permalink to each paragraph in your post making it easier for commenters to tag in order to illustrate their point.


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