On Quoting Bit from Others’ Works

I have a Google alert configured which informs me when something I wrote appears on the web. I noticed that a post of mine has been republished in its entirety on another blog.

Fair use allows the quoting of a short excerpt with a link to the original article. For posting the whole article, prior permission from the author is an absolute must.

The blog in question is MUKT AAKASH, which republished in its entirety my post “We Just Don’t Care.” Here’s a screen capture:

I am quite sure that the person who posted that is not plagiarizing. But what I find surprising is that she is likely a journalism student and is unaware of proper journalistic etiquettes.

I wrote a short comment requesting her to make appropriate changes to the post.

Which reminds me. Did you follow the fracas about Aroon Purie’s plagiarism?

Author: Atanu Dey


4 thoughts on “On Quoting Bit from Others’ Works”

  1. Looks like a group blog from a college department.I hope they pay attention to your comment though.
    While doing group case study presentations during my MBA, some smart alec would often google the case study and bring up a Powerpoint deck made by some other MBA grad and put up online, and suggest we pass it off as our own.


  2. :-))

    Fun thing is the blog has Head of Department’s photo prominently placed on front page. Being a faculty I am sure he understands the serious -ness of plagiarism… ,

    A less for guru & his disciples.


  3. No grand apology was needed. All I wanted was that the source of that content be acknowledged. It is simple html link — and I suppose anyone who is capable of posting stuff on the web knows how to post a link.

    The appropriate response to making a mistake is to acknowledge it and correct it. There is little point in getting all hurt and upset.



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