Pakistan Has Nothing to Fear from India

I never thought I would live to see the day when I would say that Manmohan Singh has spoken a truth. (Do ponder the paradoxical nature of that statement.) But right at the top of page 2 of this report in the NYTimes, it quotes “India’s Defense Secretary” (I did not know India had defense secretaries) Pradeep Kumar quoting Manmohan Singh as saying “Pakistan has nothing to fear.” What he means is that Pakistan has nothing to fear from India. Under the careful ministrations of the UPA-led Indian government, Pakistan can rest assured that it has nothing to fear from India.

Pakistan is a failed state. India is a weak state. In a war between a failed but heavily armed state of Pakistan (thanks to the US and other Friends of Pakistan) and India, a weak state governed by an immoral self-serving myopic leadership, the outcome is a foregone conclusion. Repeated deadly Pakistan sponsored terrorists attacks, each more daring than the previous one, each killing innocent Indians by the hundreds, and the response is the same — Manmohan Singh whining to the US, the main sponsor of the Terrorist State of Pakistan, to declare Pakistan a sponsor of terrorism.

What can be more pathetic?

Manmohan Singh, the sad little pathetic man, the man who does not have the least shame in being the paid enabler of instituting dynastic rule in a democracy, knows very well that regardless of how much pain Pakistan inflicts on ordinary Indians, it has nothing to fear. India will not retaliate.

Indians have a lot of things to be ashamed about. But I think nothing compares to the shame of having a weak man as the prime minister who is a minion of an uneducated Italian. Given that state of affairs, Pakistan indeed has nothing to fear. It can go about killing Indians with impunity — as long as the dynasty is not attacked. People who attack the dynasty, however, better watch out.

Author: Atanu Dey


4 thoughts on “Pakistan Has Nothing to Fear from India”

  1. In the recently concluded conference of chief thugs (AICC), the son-mother duo were seen exchanging secrets. I wonder what language they speak in. Italian?


  2. Pakistan is nowhere as worrisome as China. Together with the fact that Indians are a uniquely corruptible people today, the current situation seem to portend that the years of the Indian Republic are numbered. Randomly sample some middle class families that will talk honestly with you and ask: “Do you trust India’s armed forces to protect you against China and Pakistan? Or do you think, given Bofors and Adarsh and everything in between, that they will gladly strike deals with the enemies to line their coffers or save their kin?” and see what the replies are. Reality does not really matter—if 80% of the sample does not have faith in India’s armed forces, then said armed forces are not trustworthy, end of story. The West is unlikely to experiment with old-style colonialism again, but China? China is hungry for natural gas, minerals, coal, coastline and water (after oil, but “luckily” India has very little oil). I for one would not at all be surprised to die (even of natural causes) under Chinese domination. Explicit colonialism may be finessed in many ways (“special administrative region” etc.) but de facto, that is what I have come to expect.


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