Government of India must ban and Arrest Mr Ali Sina

This is simply intolerable. The site is a terrible site. It has all kinds of information about Islam and its prophet. That is completely unacceptable as Muslims do not like it. When Muslims read it, many get very upset. Which is not a good thing. The government of India must take immediate action and block the site just like it banned “The Satanic Verses” and other things that Muslims find offensive. It will lead to communal violence. For peace and harmony, the government of India must ban That site is dangerous and I call for its immediate ban. Continue reading “Government of India must ban and Arrest Mr Ali Sina”

If you don’t have one law for all, you might be a third world country

I think that one feature common to the majority of the third world countries is that they don’t have one law for all. Continue reading “If you don’t have one law for all, you might be a third world country”

The Uncivilized Never Weep

This is not a rhetorical question. Have you ever seen any Indian leader weep for the misery and hardship that millions of Indians endure throughout their lives and often die prematurely from natural but preventable causes? Have you ever seen any Indian leader weep for the thousands killed and mutilated by Islamic terrorism in India? If they do, they must do so in private and is not reported by the press. Continue reading “The Uncivilized Never Weep”

A Wild Conjecture (or ‘What would Gandhi Do?’)

I have often wondered if there is a way to confirm whether or not someone was (is) genuinely good for India, or just inconsequential window dressing, or positively harmful. I have a tentative test. The test has to be tested. Exceptions prove the rule, they say. That is, exceptions test the test. So I am looking not just for instances that confirm the hypothesis but also those exceptions that test the soundness of the hypothesis. But first the hypothesis or what can be termed as a wild paranoid conjecture. Continue reading “A Wild Conjecture (or ‘What would Gandhi Do?’)”