14 thoughts on “Trains of the World

  1. A fair comparison will be with Shatabdi or Rajdhani. Still no comparison, though. Perhaps Delhi Metro is the sole spot of pride! Why? I guess that is what the blog about.


    1. Perhaps it sells well. Perhaps it is to point out the wide chasm that separates the first world from the third. Perhaps it is to wake people up and tell them that there is no reason for India to be clubbed in the third world, sandwiched between broken economies like terrorist states of Pakistan and Bangladesh. The motives vary. My motive is to make people realize that India has not performed well at all, and that there are reasons for India’s dismal performance and that it is within our power to fix what is broken. To fix what is broken, first we have to look at the bleak picture and admit that it is broken. The picture isn’t pretty but we have to look at it frankly and then move ahead.


  2. I take this as something we should look forward to being rather than being bogged down by the scale of the growth in the developed nations. We too can aim to reach there and perhaps even more. But for that we need to work towards our goal.


  3. Shatabdi and Rajdhani are the best trains we can conjure up. I travelled in first class of Shatabdi from Delhi and Dehradun last month and wasnt shocked on finding it cockroach infested. It really made me think – how difficult it must be to run clean, hygienic trains. DO we as a nation dont even deserve clean trains?


  4. Amit, Atanu has his own constituents to pander to. Therefore, if you note, it’s acceptable to show Dubai’s Metro, but not Delhi’s. Like The Times of India, and Fox News, Atanu’s motto has been, for a very long time – ‘Let the truth not get in the way of your story’. Atanu will of course counter with some nonsense about how the ‘Delhi Metro is some sort of exception which proves the rule’ blah blah blah. But Mr. Dey also claims to be somebody who goes by ‘Facts’ and ‘Facts’ alone.

    Well – here are some facts: The Delh Metro exists. In India. It runs. Everyday. It is clean. It is within budget. It makes an operational profit. It is being constructed within schedule. And unlike the computer-generated picture of the Dubai metro above (also added by some moron to further sensationalize a mediocre attempt at humour), the Delhi metro has some real photos.


    But of course, why let truth get in the way of your posturing, pretty much like the Islamo-fascists you hate? They’ve spent centuries telling us the world is flat, while ignoring any ‘facts’ which make them uncomfortable, or weaken their nonsensical arguments. Nice to see you’re taking a page from their holy book.


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