Open Thread: The Numbers

I was looking at the stats of this here blog and was rather amused by the numbers. Here is a snapshot of how the numbers add up.

Stats for Atanu Dey on India's Development

There are 1,520 posts! That’s not bad. I bet that out of those, around 750 are fairly long articles. I am going to compile them into a handy book. It will be priced at $19.99 and sold at fine bookstores. 🙂

There are 9,095 comments too. Many of them are from discerning readers who have added a lot of value to this blog. Thank you for reading and commenting. My policy is to allow all points of view and I am happy to say that the policy works great. I don’t believe in censorship. The best way to combat nonsense is to expose it to examine it in broad daylight. Some comments are too good to keep buried in the pile. Like this one:

You are a dead hardliner! There is a great bunch of people like you who believe in spreading hatred. You somehow related your communal and fanatic sentiments to Aurangzeb. If you are so eager to take instances from Indian history, then my advice is that don’t be so selective about it. Most of the rulers in this country have been tyrants. Why didn’t you name Asoka?

Apparently, your concern here was not the national security but your petty ideal of Hindu nationalism. This country has had contributions from all communities in its freedom struggle and in the nation building. You are absolutely no one to declare someone a traitor. In fact, i see the people like you as the biggest traitors as you are denying the secular character of our constitution. You are simply using the incident to bring out your frustration as a fanatic. You have a problem with SRK. He is not of your religion. That’s what concerns you the most.

If all your education could not bless you with any rational and liberal thinking, i don’t intend to feed your brain either. I’m just writing this comment because i want to let you know that the world is not occupied with retards like you.

Further, i would like to suggest you to join some retard organisations as well. VHP, RSS and the Senas to name a few. Probably, you are already a part of the herd. So, go ahead and spread hatred as much as you can!

That comment is from one Amit Kumar who, going by his email address, is from some IIT.

India has been ruled for centuries by small bands of invaders. Those invaders could not have held power over such a large population of Indians without the enthusiastic cooperation of Indians. Amit Kumars have been around for as long as India has been around and they have sided with the enemy for some reason. Perhaps it is a sense of inadequacy which leads to self-loathing. That self-loathing manifests as a desire to destroy one’s homeland. Amit Kumar’s ancestors are evidently Hindus but he would fight against Hindus. His ancestors no doubt had Hindu contemporaries who like Amit Kumar took the side of the invaders and converted. The descendants of those converted contemporaries of Amit Kumar’s ancestors are now living in Pakistan — the country that has sworn to destroy India. Amit Kumar’s descendants in time will help those who wish to destroy India.

Pity is that India is in dire straits because of Amit Kumars — people whose self-loathing is so pathological that they would destroy their motherland.

Whether Amit Kumars win or not depends on whether we let them win. What say you?

Author: Atanu Dey


16 thoughts on “Open Thread: The Numbers”

  1. “Human dignity and self-esteem comes from being educated, being skilled and well prepared for employment. ” From CK Prahlad’s talk (Cynical Indian blog:

    Given that a majority of India doesn’t meet this, it is not surprising to have below average national self-esteem. It doesn’t matter if a few are educated. The Jaichands will keep coming. It is not their fault per se..Its the environment in which we live in that excuses terrorism or a complete cultural eradication (by conversions) using Hinduism’s “evils”. The shift in national consciousness cannot happen without proper education…


  2. Commenting on the Atanu’s quoting of Amit Kumar (too many Amits) and his reply, I would rather prefer that all were rational atheists (declared or undeclared, but definitely practicing). Then you can actually have conversation with a person with a brain rather than some stupid books or beliefs speaking through a brain after taking it over… like a computer with a virus. I think to convert India to a rational atheist society that preserves the best Indic values that are within the system of rational atheist thought, and importing others from elsewhere would be the noblest goal. Every other kind of -ism: Liberalism, Islamism, Communism, Capitalism or Hindu Nationalism is dangerous on its own.

    Jai Aham Va Brahman! (Long live me and the universe)


  3. I second the thought of compiling select posts into a book. Heck, make it an e-book compatible with Kindle, iPad whatever and give it away for free.

    And only 71 tags? And 134 categories? I think you are using categories like you would use tags. Use tags liberally. They don’t display on the post anyway. Then tinker around with tags and present them on a separate post. You will be surprised to see the results and would be tremendously useful for your readers for digging into your archives.


  4. Amit Kumar is suffering from the Stockholm Syndrome. People like him just rant around without any ryhme or reason. His post is illogical, naive and plainly stupid. He calls VHP and RSS traitors without providing sufficient evidence of his accusations. His creed unfortunately is not uncommon. It is he who needs to develop critical thinking and not people like us who are able to differentiate between our elbows and our arse.
    If this fellow is an IIT ian then I am ashamed to say that even such high education does not guarentee that a man will be able to analyse events, theories and philosopies critically.


  5. Patrix:

    That bit about charging 19.99 was said in jest. Anyway, thanks for the seconding the idea. I hope it moves from idea to reality. Want to help? 🙂

    About them tags and categories. I had started categories long before the tag things came into fashion. Now I occasionally tag posts but I realize that one of these days I will have to read all of the posts (all 1500+ of them) and tag them all. Then I can use a tag cloud to showcase what the blog is all about.



  6. Atanu

    I agree with Amit Kumar.

    You are an excellent example of how education and scholarship alone is not a guarantee for wisdom and above all humanity.

    It’s sad and almost tragic to know that a person like you who should create , is so full of negativity, cruelty and violence. Reading your posts I can sense that one source of your frustration could be that you are not being as recognized as your self perceived talent. Does it, for example bother you that no sane person agreed to your mad cap scheme of building giant cities? Doubtless, that is one source of the poison that you vomit with astonishing vigor.

    But beware that indias civil society will not stand silently and will ensure that people like you are shown their place – which for you is the gutter in India of you wish to avoid it -your favourite us of a? If you don’t like loving here why don’t you take your silly ass and catch a plane (to increase your count of “hundreds of boardings”?


    1. In reply to the person posting under the handle “Atanu is a silly amriki”:

      I suppose you are a very brave Islamist. Islamists do have a certain something about Americans and consider “amriki” a term of abuse. That word “amriki” is tossed around by people who are abused as “pakis”. I think I should pay you back in your own coin. You are a paki and as a paki, you don’t have the cojones to actually post under your real name.

      I will let this comment stand. But from now on, your comments will be disemvoweled. Also, note that you are posting from IP address — you are not as anonymous as you feel you are. It would not be too difficult to figure out your actual identity and expose your islamist background. Consider yourself warned.

      And BTW, if you want to abuse me, feel free to do so on your blog. But perhaps you are too retarded to actually create your own blog. You are a stupid retard. Now get the f**k off my blog.


  7. Atanu in the morning: “My policy is to allow all points of view and I am happy to say that the policy works great. I don’t believe in censorship. The best way to combat nonsense is to expose it to examine it in broad daylight.”

    Atanu later that day: “I will let this comment stand. But from now on, your comments will be disemvoweled.”

    Disemvoweled? wht wll tht achv?

    OMFG – he has your IP! Atanu I don’t know how much influence you have with the ISPs but the only way you can find out who a person is through the IP address is if the ISP let’s you know that for which I believe a warrant is necessary.

    Atanu, can we please have some more numbers on this blog? I’d be really interested in seeing what the average IQ of your supporters is. Why don’t you have a little IQ test as a captcha filter with every comment? that way atleast you can point to some statistics when you call someone a retard for disagreeing with you. This way it’s just your word against his.


  8. svs:

    Don’t you have something else to do? Did you know that them internets is huge and the webs have lots of goodies? Sure you did.

    Then why are you wasting your time here? Why not just create your own blog and write to your heart’s content?

    This is a serious question. You are clearly not a retard as you work for intellecap. I am guessing it is some sort of financial firm.

    This is a very polite request. Just go away. You stumbled upon this blog somehow. You have seen bits of it and you don’t like it. Now you know. So go away.


    Don’t waste time here. You will not be convinced by me, and vice versa.

    Life is short. Don’t read stuff that gets your blood pressure up. Do hang out with people who make sense to you.

    Go away. Go and write your stuff on a forum that you create or where they welcome you. I don’t.

    I was going to reply to your long comments but I have been very busy lately with my day job. So I don’t think I will be able to address your points. Sorry about that (though it may be that you don’t care for a reply, anyway.)

    This is my blog. I have said my piece and so have you. I think we are done. Say goodbye now.

    Goodbye and may your god go with you.


  9. what say you?

    well, I say you are a fascist bigot masquerading as an intellectual.

    “people whose self-loathing is so pathological that they would destroy their motherland.” – Is that Amit Kumar you are describing or yourself? Amit, from his post, comes across as a guy who sees and accepts people beyond the skin of their identities.

    Who are you to declare that his war is against the interests of Hindus? I am a Hindu and I know a thousand more who interpret the interests of the nation in the same vein as Amit. Speak for yourself, not a body that is well above your narrow means of comprehension.

    We all have been around for only the number of years we have lived – anyone who has been born in this country is as much as any other.

    The sense of inadequacy you blame Amit for, I only sense in you. Full of rigid hate and anathema, and haev nothing to offer to “our country” than an agenda of hate and divisiveness. My pedigreed, undiluted and unconverted poodle, learn from the Amit Kumar and see people for what they are and not who they are.

    And do “read stuff that gets your blood pressure up.” Progressive synthesis of world-view can only come if we include the antitheses into our debates.


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