Bomb Blast in Pune

This evening there was a bomb blast at a bakery in Koregaon Park in Pune. A few dozen killed. Not a big deal. Indians don’t mind such minor inconveniences. Indians take mass-scale murders in their stride and don’t blink. We will read in the newspapers about the resilience of the population tomorrow, especially in The Times of India. Continue reading “Bomb Blast in Pune”

Now you can read this in Italian!

Finally something connected to this blog that the Italian Madam in Delhi will approve of. Good news for all Italians in India and around the world: Bernardo Parrella, editor of “Voci Globali: il meglio della blogosfera internazionale” wrote to say that this blog will be part of their “best of international blogosphere.” Continue reading “Now you can read this in Italian!”

Notes from Charlie Munger’s 2007 Commencement Speech at USC Law

Charlie Munger said, “Safest way to get what you want is to deserve what you want. Deliver to the world what you would buy if you were on the other end” in a commencement address to the USC Law School in 2007. A copy of full transcript is here. The “Cliff notes” of that speech was posted by some kind soul and I am reproducing them with gratitude (but without permission.) Continue reading “Notes from Charlie Munger’s 2007 Commencement Speech at USC Law”

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