Security in the Hands of the Retarded

Two days ago on Friday I had I a learning experience. My friend AN who had stopped to visit me in Pune for a few days on his way back from Australia was leaving. AN had worked and studied in Canberra for a few years and is now in the process of settling in Delhi. He was leaving and I went down with his bags to see him off. We had to stop at the shopping complex close by and so decided that we would leave his big suitcase at the gate of the housing complex and come back in a few minutes instead of dragging the suitcase around the place. What followed was instructive at many levels. Continue reading “Security in the Hands of the Retarded”

I am fine

Many people know that I live in Pune. I want to assure everyone that I am fine. Thanks for your concern. I used to live about a mile from German Bakery and would often get cakes and cookies from there. A few years ago I moved out of Kalyani Nagar (which is adjacent to Koregaon Park where the German Bakery is).

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