Government of India must ban and Arrest Mr Ali Sina

This is simply intolerable. The site is a terrible site. It has all kinds of information about Islam and its prophet. That is completely unacceptable as Muslims do not like it. When Muslims read it, many get very upset. Which is not a good thing. The government of India must take immediate action and block the site just like it banned “The Satanic Verses” and other things that Muslims find offensive. It will lead to communal violence. For peace and harmony, the government of India must ban That site is dangerous and I call for its immediate ban.

Please join me and Zameer Ahmed Jumlana, Secretary All India Committee, Indian National League, Mobile: 9811531096, to demand the site be banned. Mr Jumlana has written to Y. S. Dadwal, Commissioner of Delhi Police, INDIA. He wrote, and I quote:

My attention is being drawn about Anti-Islamic provocative website I personally check the website which contains the Alleged Pictures of Prophet Muhammad . . . which are forbidden according to teachings of Islam.

The details are at Atlas Shrugs. Forbidden according to Islam — which means that it is forbidden to everyone — whether a follower of Islam or not. I urge the Commissioner of Delhi Police to issue an international warrant for the arrest of Mr Ali Sina. He has gone against the law of god and has insulted 1.5 billion Muslims. There can be riots and bombings as a result. For peace and tranquility, I demand that Mr Ali Sina be tried immediately for being the primary cause of communal hatred, violence, murder, killing, rape, and theft.

Mr Ali Sina is a dangerous man. He’s a bigot. He is a danger to the whole world. Just see how terrible his response to Mr Jumlana is. Ali Sina, the demagogue, writes: (Caution: Reader is advised to not read any more if he or she is of a delicate nature and is easily offended. You are warned. Not safe for children or anyone of childish mentality. You proceed at your own risk.)

Response by Mr. Ali Sina:

Dear Mr. Zameer Ahmed Jumlana,

Showing the pictures of Muhammad is forbidden by the teachings of Islam. However, we are not Muslims and we do not abide by the teachings of Islam. Isn’t it absurd that you expect everyone to live by your dictums?

Muslims are in violation of the laws that are the hallmark of the civilized people, such as the Golden Rule, the Human Rights, the equality of genders, the freedom of speech, the freedom of belief, etc. These are the laws that matter to us. They don’t matter to you, because they are not part of your laws.

Just as you file a complaint against us for violating your laws, we are taking you to court for violating our laws.

Which court? The court of the public opinion! It is in this court that we are exposing the deception, the violence, and the hate that is so intrinsic in the religion that you espouse. We are fighting the lies of Islam with truth and winning the minds and hearts of thousands of people, both Muslims and non-Muslims.

Can you defend Islam? Can you prove that what we allege against your faith and its monstrous prophet are untrue? No you cannot. When it comes to logic you are helpless. You cannot defend your evil belief with logic. There is nothing you can do, but to bring legal charges to stop us from revealing the truth about your cherished faith.

You can’t. There is no law that can stop us from telling the truth about any faith, at least not where I live. Here we practice freedom of speech and criticizing religions, including Islam is our birth right.

This is the freedom that you Muslims have always enjoyed, but have denied to others. You think it is okay to destroy churches, synagogues, temples and the houses of worships of other faiths, trash their religions and criticize them. You think it is okay for your prophet to call the Jews, maghdhoob (hated by God), the Christians, gone astray and the Hindus, polytheists and najes (filthy), but you cry like a baby when someone criticizes your faith.

Those are fighting words. He calls Mr Jumlana a cry baby. Now you tell me if that Ali Sina is a dangerous man or not. Mr Jumlana has made a very reasonable demand. He has demanded that nobody do anything that is forbidden by Islam and that all people are required to do as Islam commands. What could be more reasonable. Yet Mr Ali Sina persists with his opposition to being dictated to. Sina is totally out of line here and he should be put in his place as soon as possible. And that place is a prison, if not from a hanging pole.

Mr Sina continues:

Seven innocent Baha’is in Iran are being prosecuted, as I write these notes. They may face execution, because they are accused of “waging war against God and spreading corruption on Earth.” The punishment for these offences in Islam is death. You are not offended by this gross violation of human rights, but you are offended if we show the pictures of Muhammad?

See how unreasonable Mr Sina is. Where does Islam say that Baha’is should not be persecuted. If Islam allows it, that settles it. Islam says that pictures of Muhammad is offensive. So therefore it is. Which part of this does not Mr Ali Sina not understand? Some people can be so utterly unreasonable.

Have you ever thought why Muhammad disallowed his followers to depict him? In his later years, Muhammad suffered from the degenerative disease of achromegaly. Thanks to this disease his bones and cartilages grew disproportionately. His facial features were deformed. He looked like a monster. But Muhammad was also a narcissist and he was very concerned about his image. Consequently, he forbade his followers to depict him. He did not want the posterity to see how ugly he looked. If you want to really know how Muhammad looked, please read my book, Understanding Muhammad: A Psychobiography of Allah’s Prophet. I have unearthed his description, narrated by his nearest and dearest.

You went on to accuse us of “imposing” anti-Islamic propaganda on ardent Muslims.

Really? Have we ever called for jihad against ardent Muslims? Have we said anywhere that Muslims should recant their faith, pay jizyah, or they should be killed? Where is this imposition you are talking about? You fail to see that Muhammad imposed his diabolic faith on others thorugh his numerour ghazwas (raids), that your ancestors and mine were massacred, raped and forced into conversion, but you see an Internet site as an imposition? If a Muslim does not want to read our site, all he has to do is click out of it. Can a Muslim who does not want to remain a Muslim click out of his faith? What will happen to him if he does? Can non-Muslims living in Islamic countries prctice their faith freely? Have you read about the recent violence against the Copts in Egypet? Have you heard of innocent Muslims in Pakistan accused of blasphemy ane lynched by Muslim goons?

Your ancestors, like mine, were buchered and raped by marauding Muslims, and now you are defending the barbaric faith of their abusers? You and I don’t owe any alligiance to the demnic faith of the murderers of our ancestors. Wake up Mr. Jumlana. Don’t betray your own people, your own ancestors, your own culture. Have you become the defender of a cult that destroyed them? Instead of defending the filthy cult of a monster you should defend your own cultuer. You are a Hindu, Be proud of your heritage that has contributed to humanity so much.

I am offended by what Mr Sina writes. I object in the most forceful of terms. I demand in the name of all things holy and sacred that he be immediately arrested. Perhaps a red-letter warrant (or is it red-corner warrant) be issued by Interpol and MI-5 and the FBI and CIA and the NIA (that’s the Indian investigative agency, for those international readers of this blog) and Mr Sina be immediately arrested. Have I said that Mr Sina is a danger to civilization and to all creation? If I have not, it is high time I did. Mr Sina is a danger to civilization and to all creation. There.

It is amazing how Muslims can be so genuinely hypocritical. You accuse us of something that befits Islam. FFI does not have means of torture to impose anything. Any time a Muslim can’t handle us, relief is a click away. But they are coming. They are reading what we write and they are leaving Islam. We do not impose our views, but the truth is compelling.

Well, Mr. Zameer Ahmed Jumlana. Unlike Muslims I am a fair person and would like to give you the opportunity to defend your faith. Show us that Islam is a religion from God and not an idiotic faith concocted by a mentally and physically sick individual. Prove us wrong and I will not only publish your rebuttal, but also announce publicly that I was wrong and even will give you $50,000 dollars as reward.

That is not all. I am going to do something that is inconceivable for Muslims and may even shock the non-Muslims. We have a blog section in this site. I am going to let Muslims to run their blogs. Yes that is right! From today, I announce that the blog section of FFI is open to all those who want to prove us wrong. We are working on a new application for this site that will be easier to use. It will be launched in about a week. I am going to create a new chapter in the blogs section for Muslims to respond to all the charges made against Muhammad and Islam.

How about that for freedom of speech? Of course Muslims have been always free to post anything in the forum and in the comments section of, but now they can also write blogs refuting FFI right on FFI. Show me one Islamic site that allows opposing comments, let alone giving their critics blogs to refute them.

So, Dear Mr. Jumlana, instead of crying like a baby and complaining to authorities, please act maturely and start refuting what you believe are “distortions” in our site.

There he goes again. Mr Sina and his potty mouth — calling dear Mr Jumlana a cry baby. Would you stand for it? You should not. You should call for the decapitation of Mr Sina. I hereby announce a reward of Rs 50 (about US$1.12 at current exchange rates) to anyone who would murder Mr Sina.

This offer is open to all Muslims. Muslims can now have their own blogs to refute us on FFI. I have a hunch that their blogs will be very popular, provided they write scholarly articles. But be also prepared to be debunked and refuted. You are free to write anything and you readers are free to comment and show your errors.

There are some conditions.

1- You must not use copy pasted articles from other writers. What you publish on FFI must be your own writing.

2- Your articles must be in response to the charges made against Muhammad. The intent is to prove FFI is wrong and Islam is indeed a true religion.

Are you up to the challenge? If we are distorting the facts, as you accuse us, it should be easy for you to prove us wrong. The antidote to lies is truth. Show us the truth and debunk everything we say, in konta men al sadeqeen.

By searching your name in Google, I see you are a professional complainer to authorities and an avid lawsuit maker. But I did not find any scholarly article penned by you about Islam. I hope you will be able to defend your faith logically now that you have exposed yourself to all and sundry. Don’t try to bully the critics of Islam to silence, it won’t work anymore. Instead try to refute them wrong, if you can.

Wish you the best

Ali Sina

The man says “wish you the best”! Did you read that! What sort of a demented crazed bigoted murderous evil satanic spawn is the man!

I will personally write to Mr Manmohan Singh and his boss and demand that he spend a few sleepless nights just worrying about the injustice that is doing. Please join me now. Please go to now and register your protest and read what they write. Horrible stuff, I tell you, horrible stuff.

UPDATE: July 2011 — This post is written tongue-in-cheek. It should be clear that I support Mr Ali Sina, and that I am a freedom of expression and speech fundamentalist. Anyone who believes that I am actually against Ali Sina has not understood the real message. In fact, Ali Sina has read this post and understands that I am a friend and well-wisher of his.

Added Nov 2012: I have closed comments to this post. Thanks all.

Author: Atanu Dey


99 thoughts on “Government of India must ban and Arrest Mr Ali Sina”

  1. Atanu, your sarcasm for this sort of topics can be REALLY hard to grasp at first glance…You might want dump sarcasm for future articles.

    BTW to all the religious apologists who posted here if you can’t even accept the very possibility your religion is wrong you have zero legitimacy in making an opinion about it. At all.


  2. Ali Sina’s articles are great ! I am an Ex-Muslim and became one after reading his book Understanding Muhammad and also by reading other books and sites.

    Banning this site will have no effect, there is something called proxy server which I guess you possess no idea of.

    So all my Muslim brothers and sisters here, I request you to read his articles and book without getting angered at first like me, and then decide whether Ali Sina is an intolerable imprudent person or not .

    Wish you all the best!


  3. From reading the Quran, Sunnah and Sira of Ishaq, Tabari and ibn Kathir and viewing sites such as that of Ali Sina, I have learned that Islam is a far, far greater threat to the well-being of mankind than Facism and Communism ever were.


  4. I think Mr. Ali Sina is great well wisher of muslims, guiding them towards ligt and bliss, Apposite Mr.Zakir Naik who is not only enemy of humanity but also great enemy of muslims also,he is forcing more and more darkness on innocent people,to fulfill his vested interest.he is king of fools. i doubt he is believe in what he teach.


  5. That is a good and great site, why do you want to close ??? if you don’t agree with it and feel it is not correct, you can create another website to clarify the falsehood. By doing this, it is just showing your stupidity and arrogance.
    Be a gentleman and person with intelligent.


  6. There is something called freedom of expression sir. Do you salso support ban on Quran and Hadiths because it has abusive contents against Idol worshippers, Chrishans? At least such websites don’t incite violence, whereas Quran advocates killing of idol worshipers like me.


  7. Mslims must support as it teaching koran to non muslims ,what Dr. ali said is truely taken from koran nothing is self imposed or created . As arabic is a known language so no one claim that explanation maid by him is fake. Every regious script have some write and wrong things but open and progressive religon accept it and forget those things. But my dear Muslim bro. never accept it and try to kill every one who tell wrong things written in koran and other scripts.Better way to accept faults and go ahed like other religon did.
    As loard Ram kills shambuk ( low cast person)for preaching and reading vedas and purans, But every one knows that time was strickly followed by cast and sections, That Act like a sin in present time and lord Ram get sapareted from his wife and kids for all these acts, as it decribe in hindus holy books that Lord vishnu came on earth as human and he made some fault as human did.
    Like this if Muslims accept all bad and wrong things written in koran and go ahed. No need to rewrite koran and ramayan again. But society must accept right and wrong.


  8. LOl Muslims are so funny they never respond to the issue dey just get angry at what, i seriously don’t have any idea.
    i hear the muslims say if islam condemns it, then so be it. what a shame.


  9. Muslims should understand that other people in other religions have hearts and emotions also, they should also learn to believe that other religions are dear to their believers, islam is truth only to muslim but not to others. stop islam is not a superior religion to others.


  10. Those murdering,threatening, and intimidating in the name of religion ,as well as those whose clerics who encourage these terrorist activities are the worst terrorists of all.MUSLIMS SHOULD VENT THEIR ANGER ON THOSE WHO MURDER USING THE NAME OF ISLAM=IF ISLAM MEANS PEACE WHY DO THINGS HAPPEN


  11. The following is a complaint made against faithfreedom International by Mr. Zameer Ahmed Jumlana

    He writes Mr Ali Sina is a dangerous man. He’s a bigot. He is a danger to the whole world.

    We Hindus say Islam is danger to the whole world and we all should come together and eradicate this evil cancer spead by the pig MO


  12. Respected Atanu,

    Just because you have done your PH.D from UCB and you are citizen of USA, doesnt make you an alian but in the core of your own heart, you should you were born in india. Our Constitution gives freedom of speach. Lets speak.

    Well i always preech HUMANITY FIRST, not Religion, Because Religion is a fight in the nme of GOD.

    The best part of the faith freedom website was A muslim knowing the history, and the truth of the in and out events of the islam and impositions, questioning islam.

    I say Quran is a Hatespeach of muslims against Christians, Jews etc.
    If no, why does it a GOD accuses Christians and Jews at every sentence of Quran verses while Islam itself says they follow the GOD of christians and jews, ancestors of them, prophets and holy men of them?

    Islam says Jesus and Mary were untouched by sin, but not mohammed who was died of pnuemonia and poisoning. They why Jesus and Mary are inferior to Mohammad? Jesus and Mary are holy as per ISLAM, give them the higher place than Mohammad and not Mohammad.
    Is not Mohammad was consecrated by angel? If consecrated, why should he die like patient with pneumonia?

    Its not talking aganist ISLAM, but it is experssing the vies and the reality through freedom of speach. When you take it as a hate speach you loose your own senses and feel offended because you are not a true follwer and you point out someone else.

    If ISLAM was Becuase of Mohammad, then why they take the name ISMAIL, who should be the founder of ISLAM? Why then dont say it?
    Islam began 560AD, but ISMAIL should have been living in 3000BC, so for 3500 Years ISLAM was not follwed?

    If you say ISLAM was through ISMAIL till Mohammad, they why they quote the Prophets of Christianity like ISAC0, JACOB, DAVID, SOLOMON, JESUS and MARY all these believe one GOD, and it began a faith called “Christianity” But why ISLAM should include these prophets in Quran, when these prophets are not of ISMAIL hierarchy?

    To tell you there are so many historical disconnect in QURAN and i wish to explain and express soon in my next segment. I believe, Mr. Atanu Dey Needs to read Hindu Scriptures too which do tell the Gods and Goddesses are ficticious, Read VEDAS, BHAGVADGITA, and THE PURANAS, the holy scriptures.



  13. Hahahha…. Great Atanu!!!
    The funniest part of the entire reading was the comment section…. Some morons just didnt read the article between the lines & jumped into the comment section….
    Thanks for the FUN


  14. Hi Dr.Ali Sina….bravo…….you are right…they can do all nonsense in the name of their religion and others should not say anything..but when iit’s their turn..they run amok on streets and scream vengeance….you are doing a great work to humanity Dr Ali Sina…GOD ALMIGHTY give you the strength


  15. Zakir Naik is the idiot of the century and Ali Sina is the hero of the century.
    Zakir is a lier and Sina is turth speaker.
    Only a year back I wass a true believer of Islam but Now Sina has opened my eyes and I have verified everything iwth my own hands and eyes. Islam is a big lie and Muhammed was cruelest man of the history.


  16. Debate between Zakir Naik and Ali Sina would be like a debate between a street dog and Albert Einstein. Ali Sina would be like Einstein and Zakir Khalnayak be street doggggggggggggg.


  17. dear atheist friends,it is really a joke with our freedom,that google and others trying to stop are helpless.since 2 days i am trying to open,but google presenting me is very difficult to open anti islam pages.i am in europe but the arabs paid these shameless dictators to supress our anti islam thoughts.wikislam is already stoped,possibly got money to stop their propeganda…don,t let the capitalist to stop our voice. islam is worst enemy of mankind.let we all together support Ali sina,a brave man,who challanged islam.good wishes


  18. I thinks this not a matter of Hindus, Muslim , Christian or Jews. It is matter of free speech. Dr.Ali Sena not uploaded the videos of silting throats or the images of stoning death. they just giving their views on Islam. Any Muslim have objection just go and debate with Dr. Ali Sena and if anyone still not convinced. don’t click the FF. why there is need of ban.


  19. Dear friends, I am a Nigerian who has lived through the evils of islam and can tell you from first hand experience how destructive the cult is. I greatly admire Dr. Ali Sina who I rank as one of the most important men to dwell on planet earth. His articles are quit insightful and clearly expose islam for what it is. The reactions on this blog to the article are very encouraging. My appeal is that all of us should do whatever we can to support this noble man and a worthy course. We should all speak up against any attempt to ban or silence Dr Sina or any other person who tells the truth about islam, its evil playboy ‘prophet’, its pimp deity and the insane teachings inspired by them. Muslims want for themselves what they deny others claiming this to be a divine right. To curb this poison from further spreading concerted efforts are needed. Dr Sina plans to produce a film on Muhammad. I appeal to all freedom lovers who want an end to islamic tortures and insults to support the project with anything each person can. The fight is not for Dr Sina alone. What he is facing is unfathomable as the muslims can amass stupendous resources and the left wing dullards against his effort and person. The time to act is now.GOD BLESS YOU ALL.


  20. Musl want to ban, persecute, punish, kill and banish people and the resources in order not to unveil Islam but that is what they have have been doing since 1400 years and Islam has survived, they know if this sort of cruelties and intolerance is not carried out muslims would start leaving Islam one by one and Islam would die but now this won’t work, this is the age of internet.
    Islam is cruel and Insane cult ti dominate the world with an ideology of authoritarianism. I has to be eradicated soon.



  21. freedom for human is life which fatwa taking alots of innocent life for last fourteen centuries .The only one taking life should be the one give the life if any one believes in God not fatwa givers which are murderers, cowards ,barbaric and backward. Faith freedom is real voices for all freedom believers ,highly educated X-Muslims,human right believers and other religions in the world which they believe in God and they should not take innocent lives because they believe different. I believe that a Human is a person who respect other humans .If someone is selfish and ignorant kills others or forcing others to think like them that is dangerous sick animal for humanity and should be put away.

    #1 enemy of man is its ignorance.


  22. Ali Sina is to the core true, who ever this muslims is, who wants to block the website is a scared that he will loose his audience and will become jobless. He is insecure in his position of heading the muslims organization in India. Yes there is going to be a day when education of this cult, will lead to apostates. and Death is prescribed in the Koran. This religion is like a marfia, once you enter you cannot leave. Musies are crazy, and until they remain this way, they are going to be backward. Check out the UN website to see the performance of muslims countries, they are all in the end. If muslims are to progress, they have to disown their religion. And that is want Ali Sina is doing.


  23. Islam invites all mankind to destroy each other, ranging from Judaism, Christianity, and Islam-Islam will kill each other to murder mankind destroyed. Examine their own truth, and determine your attitude about Islam.


  24. I studied Islam from FFI, irrefutable evidence of the ugliness and evil of Islam revealed by the author of all Muslims and Non-Muslims. And I am very grateful for this FFI. FFI is aiming to save mankind from destruction.




  26. I am just so…very…surprised…that so many on this comments thread did not realise that the article is SATIRE…

    He even let’s the cat out of the bag by stating so at the end. Come on people!


  27. Ali Sina is very logical and precise in viewing Islam honestly, I think Ali Sina with its FFI is very important to uncover the truth to be known by everyone who put reason and conscience which in essence would have been useful for the welfare of mankind. Thus, it is unreasonable to ban FFI and very short-sighted.


  28. If Mohammad was last prophet of Islam ( the inhuman cult)
    Mr Ali Sina is the first prophet of humanity..

    Long live Mr Ali Sina

    If they ban one sight, thousands more will be created
    If they kill one Ali Sina thousands more will take birth.

    The truth is invincible.

    Satya meo jayate


  29. Don’t we have a single Muslim from 1.5 billions
    who can refute a single claim made by Mr Ali Sina.

    Shame on all Muslims,
    Now a high time to send your children to school,
    so that they could convert to other rationale religions in next generation after reading Sina’s articles.


  30. @Waris


    ha, do you know, who was the father of Prophet Muhammed? 😉


  31. Great work by Ali Sina, all these years for 1000 years in India, muslims used to bluff and cheated the other religions people and even today also Dr.Zakir Naik is cheating and bluffing the world about Islam by propagating prophet mohammad is a good man…. whereas this prophet mohammad is a rapist, murderer, looter, cheater to the mankind…


  32. Ultimate work by Mr.Ali sina.I think idiot zakir naik has to give answers about questions raised by ali sina.Muslim fools insult other religions and say it as freedom of speech,but when questions are asked about their faith,they call it as offenssive.


  33. i think dr. ali sina is doing a great job.
    just like when a science theory is proved wrong or discarded , people dont use the same theory. it should be changed. people should know the truth. Taliban, LeT follow the same foot steps of muhammad. if you dont believe read quran yourself and the surah also.
    i know it would be hard to know all this. some muslims even dont know all this stuff., and some may even not follow.


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