When in Rome, only Monotheism

I gather from Kanchan Gupta’s piece — “In Rome, Durga is not welcome” — the officials in Rome are jerking around Hindus who want to celebrate puja. But for the efforts of the Indian Ambassador, Mr Arif Shahid Khan, this year’s Durga puja celebrations in Rome would have been a disaster. A deep bow for Mr Khan in appreciation of his help to the Hindus in Rome.
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Of Trucks and Roads and Corruption

Let me tell you a story. It’s a vignette of what I consider to be important although it may appear to be rather trivial. Perhaps its apparent triviality is what should astonish us. But allow me to first recount a conversation I had the last week.
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The View from the End of the World

India, like all other countries of the world, is embedded in the larger context of the world. Naturally therefore India’s fortunes and the prospects for its development are circumscribed by the world’s prospects. Religion — especially the monotheistic ones — are arguably one of the most powerful of the forces that shape the human world. One cannot hope to study economic growth and development without understanding how religion is impacting the world at large. One fact is undeniable: when societies undergo severe stress, they fracture along predictable lines. The most prominent of these fault-lines is religion — and I stress once again, that monotheism is at the heart of all major religious strife. That is so because monotheism does not, by its very constitution, suffer non-believers to exist or even tolerate a plurality of views. The danger to the continued existence of human civilization on earth may proximately arise from such matters as doomsday nuclear warfare but the ultimate cause can definitely be traced to anti-humanistic monotheistic religious dogma.
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The LHC Explained

The questions about our universe — how it evolved, what governs it today, and where is it going — have been asked for a while. A small step in answering those questions has been the construction the Large Hadron Collider (LHC). Here’s a great explanation of the LHC is and how it works.
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Internet and Higher Education

A BusinessWeek article of 14th September, “Next: An Internet Revolution in Higher Education,” makes the case that the way higher education is done will be changed by the internet revolution. This is not the most earthshaking bit of news you may have heard since it is fairly obvious that nearly everything has been affected by the internet and in the future, every aspect of human society will be qualitatively different as a consequence of the ease with which information is recorded, stored, transmitted, searched, and retrieved.
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Government Spending on Travel

One suspects that the government of India spends considerable amounts on its office bearers — bureaucrats and politicians. Although their nominal salaries perhaps don’t amount to much, the costs of the royal perks they enjoy must be pretty large. Many of these perks were meant for the British rulers of India, naturally, and the new rulers saw no reason to not enjoy them as well. What’s good for the white must be good for the browns. Indeed, I also suspect that the perks must have increased.
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