A Simple Story About Real Contentment

I came across this story on a mailing list. Let me retell the story first and then the source of the story.

Once upon a time, a monk arrived at the outskirts of a village and settled down under a tree to rest for the night. Early the next morning he was woken up by a man. The man was from the village. He said to the monk, “Please give me the stone.” It appears that in a dream the man was told by the village deity that he would find a monk outside the village who had a stone that would make him extremely wealthy. “I want that stone,” said the man to the monk. The monk took out a stone from his little bundle of possessions. It was a large diamond as big as a fist. “I found it in the forest yesterday. Here, take it. It’s yours,” said the monk. The man was overjoyed and ran back to his village.

That whole day, the man considered his wealth and made big plans about all the things he would buy and how happy he would be. His imagination ran wild. He was rich. Richer than everyone he ever knew. But then suddenly he remembered the monk at the edge of the village. The monk had given him the diamond without the slightest hesitation. The man ran back to the monk outside village, fell to his knees and said, “Sir, tell me how can I get the inner wealth and contentment compared to which all external wealth is worthless?”

End of my retelling of the story that I got in an email. The email said that the story was from HinduismToday.org.

I cannot access that site from India. (My ISP is TataIndicom Broadband.) I suppose the “secular” government of India does not allow it. Sites preaching jihadi hate meet the exacting standards of the Indian government’s stamp of secularism. But kafir ideology is prohibited. So if you have the misfortune of living under the dispensation of the “secular” Indian government, you could use this online anonymous proxy server and type in http://www.hinduismtoday.org/ in the address bar.

BTW, do drop a note to Mr Manmohan Singh telling him how much you appreciate his government’s efforts at not allowing the corruption of Indian minds by blocking the HinduismToday site.

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Postscript: I have heard from several people across the country saying that they are able to access the HinduismToday site. I still cannot access it unless I go through an anonymous server. Therefore it could be that Tata Indicom may be involved in this instance of censorship.

Author: Atanu Dey


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  1. ..although come to think of it, your paranoia is well justified.
    After all this is the country where people get sent to prison for commenting against Sonia Gandhi on Orkut, where bloggers get sued for criticizing popular TV channels, and where popular politicians have to redact their Twitter updates because their party high command has no sense of humor.


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